SR1911 9mm mags

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    I have a SR1911 9mm Ruger and cannot load the magazine over 5 rounds so rather than buy a bullet loader I called Ruger and explained the situation. Corrine answered the phone and said that she would send a new one out tomorrow and not to worry. I can get 5 rounds in but the spring is too hard to get any more in. They are located in Prescott, Az and I am in Mesa. I asked her why the 9mm SR1911's are so hard to find. Mine was built the end of last year. She stated they are so busy building LCP's that they don't have time to build anything else. I told her that there is a demand for the 1911's, and she agreed, however the demand was so great for the .380 and that's what they are dictating to build the LCP's. Anyway, I will have my magazine by Friday.

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    I would highly recommend the investment in an Uplula speed loader. Mine has been worth every $:D. So far the factory magazines have been the only ones to run 100% in mine. MecGar and CMC mags run at 96-98%. I'm wondering if the springs are not strong enough.

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    Interesting. I know that Ruger is busy-