SR1911 9MM- first impressions from the range

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    The short of it- it's a fantastic gun.
    A little more detail. I didn't have much time, and I got interrupted a couple of times. I shoot on church property about a mile down the road, at a recreation area. It is visible from the road, and a couple of folks pulled in to say hi. I put Winchester FMJ's, Golden Saber HP's, and even some Tulammo, though it. It ran everything like a champ, with no failures or hiccups. Both mags worked great, although the springs are still very tight.
    The gun is very accurate and soft shooting. It also feels very good in the hand. I am also very pleased with how tight it is. I have owned quite a few Sigs, and this 1911 is just as tight as any of them have been. It cycled well, and recoil is very mild. It is a joy to shoot.
    With my primary experience with Sigs, I still have to work on accuracy- Sig uses a different sight picture. But, I was shooting nice groups, although they were low. As I dialed it in, I was staying just left of center, and getting some keyholes. I also hung a gong that I had made, and did some ringing. I can see that this is going to be one of my favorite shooters. I'm getting ready to clean it now, but I haven't noticed any wear- I had look primarily at the underside of the slide, where I had experienced wear on my LWC (which Ruger has corrected).
    I also carried it for a while today in a leather OWB pancake holster- it feels great on the hip, light, and close to body. It feels just as good as carrying my Sig 938. So far, it's all winner.
    I HIGHLY recommend the SR1911/9MM.
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    Thanks for the report,

    Congrats on the new 1911, and the good shooting,

    Now ya got me thinking 9mm 1911.

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  3. hodge

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    A local favorite FLL has a huge sale starting today, so a friend and I went over to drool. I saw another SR1911 9MM in the case, and my heart skipped a beat- it is such a beauty. I am VERY pleased with my new Ruger.
    On a side note, I picked up a Caldwell Lead Sled Solo for $29.99. Best deal in the store.
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    Glad you like it and glad the gun gets a high rating. Nice review BTW.
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    Now if Ruger would make one in 10 mm!
  6. hodge

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    Or 357 Sig.