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    I just purchased N.I.B. SR1911 model 6700 5" inch. I started to field strip it to do initial cleaning so I could take to the range the next day. As soon as I removed the wood grips, I noticed on the stainless frame, surrounding the blued grip screw bushings, what appeared to be a light yellow color area. I tried to remove with alcohol and rubbing. I could not remove. I contacted and they sent prepaid Fedex label. They received it on 2-20-2018. What was said to me is causing me concern. Basically, the C/S rep stated, If we can not correct, we may choose to replace it . Since I live in N.J., this requires filing for a new Pistol Permit at a total cost of $40.00 to cover background checks, Permit, and NICS.Plus waiting approx. six weeks.Is this a problem common? AND has anyone else had this or ANY other problems with recent 2017 or 2018 purchases of these model 6700 .45acp pistols?
    Thank you in advance