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Discussion in 'Knife and Blade' started by countybob, Apr 11, 2013.

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    i am surprised that there is no listing of spyderco, i have a gen1 endura that has been in my pocket for nearly 30 yrs. i have tried many others in that time but always go back to my endura for ease of carry, edge holding, and ease of use. i have owned it so long the half serrated blade is worn smooth but it is still razor sharp and locks up as solid as it did when new!
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    Well, let's see some pics of that Spyderco...now that we have a thread started !! ;)

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    My pocket knife

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    I've carried a Delica for 20+ years, like it fine and it's served me well. That said, I always wanted a Police model but never got one because of the expense and the blade is too long for legal carry here in Michigan. Finally scored one last week. Flipped the pocket clip and away we went. I figure as long as I don't brandish it, the blade length won't be an issue. My only problem now is I can't carry both.
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    I likes my Spydercos.
    Have a few police models.
    and some others I cant locate.
    In my back pocket is the "Byrd"
    Many years ago, and for many years
    went to the S.O.F. convention in Vegas
    Spyderco always had a booth
    Always manned by
    Mr. and Mrs. Spyderco
    Now I Know that is not their names
    but so many years ago, cant remember the names
    Very nice folks
    always bought a knife from them.