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I continue to hear good things about this line. I hope to have a chance to shoot one someday if I can find a rental. In the meantime, the Rugers and the SIGs keep eating up my firearms budget.
I'm also a fan of the Sigs but have 3 Springers and they are very dependable and well made.
Hope you get a chance to shoot some of them.


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Got a new XDs last week, took it to the range today and ran 140 rounds of assorted 230-gr hardball through it with zero malfunctions of any kind. Recoil is about comparable to my S&W 4516 - in other words, very managable. And it's as accurate as you could ever ask for.

That's my first 30 rounds through it, at 7 yards. The trigger is smooth and relatively light. I'm very, very happy. Once the Crossbreed holster I've ordered for it arrives, this is going to be my new EDC.

That gun had so much fun today, I'm surprised it's not smoking a cigarette right now. :D

I did find one downside to shooting a lot of rounds through this little gun. When you have a man-sized hand, and like to grip your handgun pretty high up the backstrap, the little bitty beavertail thingy on the XDs will chafe the hell out of the web of your hand. You have been warned.
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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