Spring? Not here

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by VThillman, Mar 30, 2015.

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    34° F, snow in the air, but I told myself yesterday I would go to the range today. Just brought a new 9 (Witness) I hadn't fired yet - too damn cold to sight in the 77/357. Plenty of snow on the ground, some on the bench, and some in the air at the range. Left my driving gloves on, fired off 14 rounds (a mag minus one), picked up the brass and came home. I think I'm getting twitchy; the hands are OK, but I can feel twitches building up internally.

  2. Tommycourt

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    I don't know anything about Vermont as I have never visited there. I know about Arizona. Why we ever fought the Indians and Hispanics over this territory is still yet unknown. Many good men and women on both sides died. Many will still die as our daily temps are presently in the mid 90's. They say it's a dry heat. If you want dry heat, then stick your head in the oven and turn the temp up to 118 degrees. Those days are not far away from us. We will gladly trade you 30 degrees!! I can mail it to you UPS if you will send 30 degrees of cooler weather down here. Sound like a fair trade????????

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    Sounds like a deal, though I will only need your 30° for four more weeks, then I'll have to mail it somewhere else.
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    Sounds like you fellers need sumpin in the middle...;):)


    We also have the UK Wildcats..:cool:

    If you cant take high humidity... forget it.