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Sp101 pachmayers grips

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This pachmayers grips feel amazing , your hand gets full and give you a firm grip. Absorb the recoil and good for ccw ! With 38+p your well cover.
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You just have to love stainless steel revolvers. Great pictures.
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I have a similar Pachmayr but I think I like yours better...
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Same grips on mine. Better than stock. At least I can stand to shoot 357.
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I THINK I still like the older Pachmayrs better, based on the appearance, but I haven't held the new ones yet. I'll have to check them out...
I have never liked Pachiderm grips from the first time I met them. It was 38 years ago and a friend wanted me to try his new Blackhawk in .44 Mag. That rubber was on my hands when I handed the gun back after the first shot. Looked like someone peeled out in a car on the palm of my hand.

Do they have other material besides rubber?
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