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SP101 front sight

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Need advice for an aftermarket front sight replacement for the SP101.What do you use????:dizzy:
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Focus2 you will find using the introduction sub section telling a little about yourself will get you off to a better rolling start.
Thanks for your joining RT.
I am sure some member can help you on the front sights.
I don't know about revolvers however I ordered another front sight for my SR1911LW from Brownells for $5.95 plus 7.95 shipping. I have always complained about my pistol shooting lower than POA. I called Ruger and they said they only offer 1 size sight for the 1911 however I measured mine (I have 3) and there is a difference in height. You might give CS a call in Prescott, Az and talk to them. Brownells has the same exact sight for the Rugers as Ruger supplies them with their sights. The rear sights were $22.95. I hate to file a sight down but I won't mind if I have another stock one on hand and the price was right. All center fire pistols are made in Az and they are very accomodating. Good luck!!

I have a sp101 with a fiber optic sight. Blacked it out, and never looked back.
I put the XS Standard dot on mine. I like it. Makes a good night stand gun.
I put the XS Big Dot on my 3" 357 but my groups opened way up. I then put my Gemini Customs gold dot back on and wondered why I ever took it off.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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