SP101 .22LR New Model spring kit!

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    I have a 2013 SP101 22LR that I installed the pre-2011 spring kit #17113 adding an 11# to that kit. With the 8# trigger spring and the 11# hammer spring it was fairly reliable, an occasional FTF.
    I did polish it up inside and added a shim kit!
    I recently found that Wolff came out with a newly engineered kit #17114 for the post 2011 guns like mine. So I called Wolff and they confirmed that this kit was specially engineered for the new model .22LR.
    The lightest hammer spring in this kit is 13# all the springs are shorter than the earlier kit.
    I just installed the 13# spring the pull is still heavy but I understand it needs to be to set off the rimfire cartridges.
    We use this gun to kill rattlesnakes around our home with bird-shot and the problem is my wife has a tough time pulling back the hammer, even worse trying to use it DA.
    Has anyone come up with the "Just Right" combo for this .22 revolver?
    I would like to hear from those of you that have experimented with the spring kits, how to get a lighter pull yet a reliable ignition! Thanks!