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    It was a beautiful weekend here in Northern AZ, so I spent a good chunk of it shooting.

    I work evenings, so Friday before work I headed over to my club ( the Prescott Sportsmens Club ) for a couple hours of "Group Therapy" with my 10/22 target. I've got her up to the 1000 round mark now, and decided to definitely get a better trigger group for her. The stock Ruger trigger is good but I want great.

    Saturday I had to go in for a short day of work, so I decided that before work I would go check out the new facility my club is building ( forest service isn't renewing the lease on the old facility due to sprawl starting to bump up against us ). The new facility, the Chino Valley Shooting Facility, is in its infancy at the moment. It officially opened on 4/6, and is only open on the weekends currently, except for club matches and training courses. I have driven past it quite a few times as it is out near the BLM land where we go to shoot long range (500-1500 yds), and seen the facilities being added slowly and have been itching to put some lead into the berm. Currently there is only a 50yd pistol berm, with 20 shooting bays, and a 100yd rifle berm with 30 shooting stalls. Plans call for a 200yd berm to be added next, then get pushed out to 600.

    Well the wind was howling out there on Saturday coming dead in over the berm and into our faces. So I gave up on the usual 5 shot groups I normally shoot and just shot to relax and enjoy the day with no pressure. Shot my 10/22 Target, 10/22 Carbine, and SR556. Extra bonus in bumping into a Ruger engineer who allowed me to shoot his 77/17hornet. That lil round is sweet and that rifle/chambering has been added to my list of guns I NEED, great varmint, small game gun/round.

    Sunday I went back to the club's old range as that is closer to my place, was much less windy so I started out with 5 shout groups with the 10/22 Target. Then went to work on getting my ACOG zeroed on my 556, found out that the adjustments are backwards, finally got it figured out and set. Figured it out with the help of the kind gentlemen who was in the bay next to me, the whole time I was coveting the 12in SBR AR he had. After getting that dialed I then went over to the pistol range to work on some things for an IDPA qualifier I have coming up at the end if June. I worked on some strong hand only, some weak hand only, and some Mozambique drill.

    So yeah, a great weekend with lots of shooting accomplished. Pictured below is the 100 yard rifle range at the new CVSF, the targets; top to bottom are the SR556 20 rounds off hand 100yds iron sights. Middle target is 10/22 carbine 30 rounds bench rested at 50yds iron sights, bottom target is the 10/22 Target 30 rounds bench rested at 50yds 12x scope. Second image is the SR40c 45 rounds weak hand only at 11 yards.

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    This is the weak hand SR40c

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    Looks like it was a great weekend to me!!!:)
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    0 the range is always good.....
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    Good shooting , and what more fun than shooting all day.

    Themm 10/22s are sumpin.:)

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    Looks like a great range day.
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    Yeah was a great weekend, lots of sun, lots of burnt gunpowder in the air, love that smell, lots stories with other shooters ( gun people are some of the friendliest on earth ). Unfortunately now it's over and it's back to work for another week, and lots of searching for ammo to replace what I shot off.

    Did learn some things I can work on dry practice wise when it comes to the pistol. Both strong and weak hand only I need to strengthened up the muscles to hold the firearm more stable for longer. Thinking holding out a gallon of water while watch some tv will definitely help that.
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    Now that's what I call a good weekend...