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A few of my Rugers. Had to split the post cause of too many pics in one post or something. Sorry for the poor pic quality of some. Old camera.:D

Ruger KP-89 DC in 9 mi. A gun that eveyone likes to shoot. Always goes band is easy on the recoil. Stainess, fixed sights.

Ruger KP-90 DC in .45 acp. A big hunk of gun, stainless. It always goes bang when I pull the trigger. Kinda big and heavy, but durable.

Ruger 7" stainless tapered bull barrel, Target model. .22 cal. Adustable sights. A great shooter. Kinda muzzle heavy, but o.k. Just sold a blue MK-I like it to fund another Ruger. To many .22s.:D

Ruger 5.5" bull barrel Target model .22 cal. My usual plinker. Great shooter. Everyone that comes over likes to shoot it.

Ruger MK-II Semi-auto .22, 4" barrel, blue, Pachy rubber grips, fixed sights. This is the only gun the wife will use. She killed a boar javelina with it in the yard fighting with the dogs.

A stainless 10/22 with a Butler Creek side folder and 4X Simmons. Have 2 rigged up like this for he fids. Much cheaper to shoot than the AKs. Sorryfor trhe poor pic quality on this one.


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Great looking guns.....sweet........

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Hey PV,

Good looking bunch of Rugers,
and yourright , about em going bang ,every time.

I got a few, not as many as you , I dont think,:D

Ifin I can get some time, Ill drag em outta the safe and post a few.

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