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I have had my GSR for about 2 1/2 years and still love it. I take it on most of my desert ramblings as it is just about perfect. I always seem to read about folks that are not sure about accuracy, reliability, or performance, so I thought it was time for a little testing to update my older post.

Here is what I did:

I had two old closet doors, so I painted a target on each side totaling four. I fired five rounds as quick as possible from slinged, supported, prone. I fired from 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards or at least pretty close. I had to pace off the distance, so it could be +, - ten yards or so. I began firing from 100 yards, then immediately reloaded and moved back in 100 yard increments until I reached 400 yards.

So here are the results:

100 yard target: about two inch group

200 yard target: about 3.5 inch group

300 yard target: about nine inch group

400 yard target: about 19 inch group

I am running a traditional Leupold Scout Scope scope, so 400 yards was easy to hit, but harder to pick an exact hold over. My first round went low, and then I kind of got it figured out. The most interesting component of the 400 yard group is the horizontal dispersion; it is less than three inches. If I had figured out the hold over on the first shot, I would have had a group similar in size to the 300 yard group. That is something to work on.

Anyways it is a great rifle that shoots very well. Any creature with evil intent that comes within 400 yards or so must tread with heavy trepidations or at least carry a strong belief in the hereafter.

I hope this provides some useful information for folks looking to buy a Ruger Gunsite Rifle.

And now for some gratuitous GSR pics:

Thanks for the look,

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