Sold my Norinco-my reluctance justified?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Tommycourt, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. Tommycourt

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    I finally sold my Norinco 9mm semi auto just the other day. I have been wanting to sell it for quite a while but was kind of reluctant on who to sell it to. I don't mind selling a long gun to someone I am not familiar with but with a handgun, I really had some doubts. I was sitting in my garage having my coffee when a buddy of mine came over to say hi. He put a roof on my house 3 years ago so I had a good knowledge of him. He stops about every 3 months just to see how I am doing. He is a gun nut too! I mentioned I had a Norinco for sale and he looked at it and said I will pick it up tomorrow which he did. Even in Az I feel a reluctance to sell a hand gun to someone I don't really know or am not acquainted with. Phoenix is a sanctuary city and they do have gangs and drug problems. How do you guys and gals feel about selling a handgun to someone whom you don't know? Even with long guns I ask to see their drivers license or a CCW. What are your thoughts?

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    Asking to see ID is a good policy. I've never sold to someone I didn't know or who didn't have someone vouching for them, that I trusted at a very high level. I'm not comfortable doing gun business any other way.

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    As long as they have valid legal I.D. and sign a form stating they are legal to buy the gun then I sell them the gun. I had a couple balked when I said they had to have ID and sign a form. Guess what? They didn't get the gun either.
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    Ive only sold 2 guns , maybe 3 , in my life.

    I would not sell to someone I didn't know very well.

    Even then, I drew up a Bill of Sale , and had them sign it.

    Just to have proof I didn't own that weapon at the time it was involved in a crime..;)

  5. VThillman

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    I once traded a handgun for a long gun with someone I didn't know. I have since regretted it.

    [Some of that may be because it was a bad bargain, but still...]
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    Only concern I think you should have Tommy, is that don't the Arizona CC permits not include a photo? But, of course you said you know the buyers so you will know if they are showing you someone else' permit. But, this is a heads up to others reading that might not think of that.

    I always have 2 copies of a bill of sale, one for buyer one for me. It always includes inspecting drivers license and copying down the DL information or CC permit information (Florida permits have picture).

    I too, have mostly sold to those I know. But, when the price is too much to resist and/or I needed the money, I do sell to strangers, I always do so in a public place (well, I guess the term is semi-public as I would rather some idiot not freak out and call cops on us), make sure I am armed, and trust my gut feeling about them and as I said, above, have a very comprehensive bill of sale that MUST be filled out and signed. And just above the signature line is a statement that says "I truthfully state that I can buy, receive, and possess a firearm"

    I hate to admit this, but I will not sell to a Muslim or Latino (unless I really really know them). Discrimination, I know. Profiling, I know. But, as a private sale, it is my right.

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  7. RavenU

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    Not a problem! I can't directly sell an occasional pistol to anyone because, here in Pennsylvania, all pistol sales must go through an FFL. Consequently, the only person I can directly sell a pistol to is someone who's already an FFL dealer, himself. Instead, what I worry about is the first, 'meet 'n greet.' Especially with a prospective buyer I've never met before and do not know. I'd never go to such an appointment alone; and I'd never bring one of these fellows to my house, either.

    Well, I did once; but the guy was an FFL; and I knew him from the local gun shows. I belong to two large local gun clubs; and, there, I've had very good luck occasionally selling one of my guns to another club member.