So, Trump won, now what happens?

Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by SavageGuy, Nov 14, 2016.

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    I hope he stands fast, but I fear he may walk back on some promises. I think he will generally support the 2A, but the next time something terrible happens I can see him throwing a bone or two to the Brady crowd. Mostly I just hope he makes good on his promise to appoint good justices for SCOTUS.

  3. phideaux

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    I feel that if he does one tenth of what he said....

    Its 1000% more than what the previous guy did to move the country in a good direction.

  4. buster40c

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    I believe now we will see the globalists really up the turmoil in the USA because it is take the dump or get off the pot. They don't want to do the latter.
    Check out #disruptj20 and the busing of rioters to Chicago. Yep things could get real bad real quick. I read that Obama has left the country.....hmmmm timing is suspicious especially for this transition period if it is true. The Clintons took furniture when they left the WH, will Obama take Air Force One?
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    I don't know where you come up with those ideas that pop into your head, but I gotta admit one thing: a lot of them make sense! I can see Obama taking Air Force 1 and departing on one more vacation with his wife and kids and feel that it is his priviledge to do so. I wonder if Hildebeast is going to take her server back from the FBI so she can continue the Clinton Foundation. The money they raised should be taken from them and put into a fund for schools, vets administration, law enforcement to buy equipment to end lawlessness or go after gangs, something that will be worthwhile. Certainly not in their pockets!!!!

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    I don't actually trust trump to keep his commitment/campaign promises. But I trust Hillary even less.
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    The course of events will play out approximately the same with The Donald in charge, but with less subterfuge. We are still screwed, as Americans and denizens of Earth. Except - we'll be able to hang onto our guns for awhile.

    Hey, "We can't have everything".
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    Look at his cabinet choices and we can expect more big government and screw the people. Trump drained the swamp of many of the inexperienced swamp frogs Obama had in there. BUT and this is a big BUTT, Trump it appears is loading up the cabinet with many that have plenty of experience but IMO will not have any ideas of smaller government or the people's desires forefront.

    Rockefeller and Kissinger possible front choices? Oh yeah that is bound to turn out to be a nightmare for this country and the citizens.

    Obama got elected on the premise of hope and change. Obama pretty much did exactly opposite of what he had sold on his soapbox. He pretty much ran with what Bush started then he seemed to trash any of his promises of hope and change. Only Obama could really believe this country is in any way in a more prosperous standing than it was 8 years ago.

    Trump basically did the same thing telling he was going to pull the plug on corruption that was forcing this country down the drain. Oh yeah people wanted their country back again and prospering by made in America once again. By who Trump is filling his cabinet with pretty much tells me he has attached the puppet strings to where his campaigning promises fell from.

    I imagine during Trump's first meeting at the WH he was informed what he was really going to drain. Funny how his attitude towards the Clintons changed after that. Looking into a crystal ball I see huge fortunes filling his pockets like he has never before experienced Could it be the swamp slime is clinging to his new suit?

    Oh how I hope to be surprised by Trump actually raising this country back up to where it should be. That the American dream is for the people rather than the super elite rich.
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    Good luck with that hope. Trump is in the "super elite rich" you refer to. What makes you inclined to think he actually gives a damn about the average person?

    He sees government as a business. He will have a cabinet of mostly corporate business and Wall Street players except for national security where is installing generals that he heretofore called incompetent although they are highly competent as he knows.

    If the government is run like a business then profit is the goal. Profits are mostly made of the backs of the little guy.

    On this forum before Election Day I posted a thread stating I had to choose a president from two losers. And I got a loser as president. I hope he makes eat my words.
  10. buster40c

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    I agree lesser of two evils or two losers. I remember a scene from Best little whorehouse in Texas where the politician was explaining the dance around the people. This is being politically correct.
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    Hey Buster,

    You just demonstrated how art mimics life. True but sad.
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    Yes but where is Dolly Parton?

    As for Trump I'm taking a wait and see, hope for the best attitude.
    Maybe he'll surprise us and turn out to be the first Statesman we've had in like .... forever.
    (But I've always been a dreamer, so there is that). :eek: