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    I just bought a SR 40c today. When I got it home and started to really check it out I found that the slide release is very tight. I thoroughly cleaned it, and still very tight. I also found it even tighter with a magazine is inserted. I know it's new but it's seems to tight when releasing the slide. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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    I dont own a SR40, but Im sure someone will help out.

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    Shoot it, it will loosen up...................I am a former owner of an SR40. It was super tight in the beginning, but after a few hundred rounds, it loosened up just fine.
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    I agree! .......
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    Thanks for the advice. I give it a try.
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    OOPS! I read that wrong. I read into it that your mag release was hard to release. I don't generally use a slide release. My slide release is also hard to release. Not much surface to get a good hold on it. Actually they say using the slide release without a round in the chamber is bad on the gun. I guess due to no brass for the slide to be cushioned when it slams shut.

    My SR40C also had a tight mag release button. It does get better after use. Push up on your mag then push the release. I think that might help.
    Welcome to the forum of good people interested in sharing about guns and some other things as well.
    For giggles I just checked mine and it pops the mag out without much pressure on the button.
    Shoot it a good 500 times to see if it develops any failures such as fail to eject or light strikes. The SR compact series did have some problems. Mine developed it after a few hundred rounds. Ruger repaired it at no cost. Actually mine was sent back in twice for repair. The original problem was repaired then while testing after getting it back it had another problem which Ruger also repaired quickly. I really like this SR40c and it was my main carry before I went to the LCR357 for my cc.
    People talk about the 40 being snappy but IMO and some friends that have shot mine the SR40c tames the 40 very well. I chose the SR over a Glock 27 and a SA compact 3.8 40c. I sold the later two and kept the Ruger.
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    Welcome from Texas!
    Put some more rounds through it and let it break in. I bet everything will settle in.
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    I have both the SR9c and the SR40c and when new, they both were tight except for the grouping on the target. At about the 150 round mark things on both ends started to improve, and at the 300 round mark the pistol had loosened up and the grouping had tightened up.
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    Don't expect it to work like a 1911 slide release it wasn't designed to. I've taken mine apart and polished it where it rubs and can now with lots of push get it to release one handed. Letting your slid close by spring power isn't going to hurt anything and doesn't need a cartridge case to cushion it.
    The normal way to close the slide according to Ruger is to use both hands and slightly pull back on the slide while pressing the release then let the slide fly home. I believe all the SR compacts work the same at least the ones I've seen do. I own the SR9C so that's what I'm working from, and in other forums that's what I've read as well.
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    That was my experience too with my SR40c. About 300 rounds and it wasn't so tight...