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Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by phideaux, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. phideaux

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    I went over to my LGS , to pick up some ammo, he happens to be a good friend also.

    He is a short drive for me , he had some 325gr Hornady FTX 45-70 Govt ammo.
    2 boxes , so I grabbed those , until I can get my stuff to reload.

    WELLLLLL, while I was there, he shows me this China SKS , which he just took in on trade day before. He knows I been looking for one.

    All matching numbers, not beat up or abused, a factory stamp #136, which is a decoy # for factory # 26.
    Bore is beautiful, as the china SKS are chrome lined, wood is great. It has the pig sticker bayonet, the sling, the cleaning rod.
    popped it apart and ckecked gas tube and piston,
    Possibly has not been fired much at all.

    I been wanting one , and looking, for a while , for one to mate up with the AKs.

    Figured this was the best one I seen so far. $300 OTD, and he had a ammo can with 335 rounds 7.62X39 in brass cases he threw in.[​IMG]

    Dang, I left there happy, all be it BROKE.[​IMG]

    He had 30 round mags there also.
    Should I change it over or leave it at 10?



  2. LT2108

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    Very nice Phideaux !!

  3. harrise

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    Brilliant find! I'm quite partial to 10 rounders myself. But I've yet to handle one of those.
  4. Birddogyz

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    Congrats! I would leave it alone since the wood is in great shape.
  5. SHOOTER13

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    Awesome score phideaux !!
  6. squirrelhunter

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  7. phideaux

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    Took it to the range today,

    This is one heck of a fun gun.

    Off bench at 50 yards.

    Shot first 3 rounds , 2" group at 3" low.
    Raised rear sight 2 notches,
    Next 3 shot group of 1 1/ 2" around bullseye.
    Next 3 shot group, same.

    Shot 50 rounds at bowling pins, and wind chime tubes,
    Tubes are 1 1/4" dia ,and yes they sound off, I hit 3 of the 5 tubes.

    Not bad, Im happy.

    Ill keep this one.
    Ran perfect, NO malfunctions, easy shooter, and FUN.

  8. Blkhawk73

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    Got a couple, maybe three SKS's waiting to be shipped here from TX. They ere my father-in-laws. Hopefully getting them taken care of next week. They were never something I was interested in. Even when they were $79/ea a bunch of years ago I'd walk right on by. Maybe, hopefully, these ones will ignite some interest. Got a bunch of mags, a drum to use with them but don't see anything other than the 10 round ones being used much.
  9. Popeye

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    Nice Find. I've had my SKS for just about a year now, and I can say that like you I've never had a single problems with it. Mine is also in very nice condition and is pretty darned accurate for what is essentially a true battle weapon. Only thing I changed on mine were the sights, to Williams fire sights. They give these tired eyes a break when it comes to lining up targets. What I like about the Williams Sights is you do not have to make any permanent changes to the rifle. Takes about ten minutes. Mine seems to shoot the Tula Ammo pretty well. Never really tired the spam can ammo in it as that stuff can be pretty corrosive and I'd rather not deal with it as mine is a 1969 Yugo that does not have the chrome barrel, even though you'd swear it was by looking at it as it as prefect as you can possibly get and looks brand new inside and out. I believe it was never issued, shot very little and sat in someone's private collection for many years. At least that's what my buddies told me at the gun shop. I like mine so much that if the
    SH!+ was ever to hit the fan that SKS that I refer to as the beast would be the first rifle I'd grab. Congrats and nice shooting with your SKS.
  10. shadecorp

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    Very Nice,
    Great deal.
    looks like mine.
  11. buildit

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    Had mine for almost 20 years. Most reliable gun I've ever seen, more so than even the Ak47. Keep it stock, remember to lube the firing pin once a year to keep it from slam firing and find a good outdoor range. Biggest problem I ever had with mine was finding places to fire it because no indoor range will allow it. :rolleyes: But it's all good now, because I can walk out the back door and go to town with it. ;)