Six Gun Fever-Aces & Eights At High Noon...

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  1. Can't beat a Ruger Single action for target shooting fun on the range at high noon.
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    Very it.


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    I am glad that someone had fallen into some bucks and can afford guns like those. I would love to have an engraved pistol however it won't help my shooting any but they sure are purty!!!! I would be constantly wiping off fingerprints as I would be playing with it all the time. As far as the grips go, I have some reservations. I would love to have a set of mammoth ivory or even camel bone but I have always had the tendency to use Pachmayr grips. I had the privilege of meeting Frank and Nan Pachmayr years ago, and he was such a gentleman, and she a lady and I told them how I admired their products. He gave me a nice set of pistol grips for one of my guns. They aren't fancy but has the Pachmayr medallion on them although very worn now. He was a big contributor to Ducks Unlimited and I was allowed to preview all the guns that he had endowed to D.U. I happen to pick up a shotgun (20 gauge) and noted how well it fit. It turned out to be a Parker double with single trigger. Value was around 50K. I asked Frank if there was a fondling charge and he just smiled and put it back in the case. Nicer people one would never meet. End of story but it's one I can tell my grandkids and others who care.

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    Nice pics, we like pics. :D
    Nice equipment too.

    Single action revolvers, lever action rifles and side by side scatter guns are fun guns for me.
    Semi autos and such are necessary tools, fun too but not like the cowboy/old west stuff.

    Edit: Mr Territory, it's 10/18/2015 and the pics you posted are gone. What sup?
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    A friend of mine's next door neighbor loves Ruger's, and has quite a collection.....................I've never seen all of them, just some pics, but I think with rifles and handguns, he probably has 150 Ruger's alone, not counting the rest. I have seen some of his cowboy guns and holsters. A thing of beauty. Nice pics there.........................................nice holster and conches.
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    I have forgotten how much fun my 1972 OM Single Six unconverted was. Took her out today and fell in Love all over again. Man is she accurate.

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    UH Am I missing a link to something to watch or look at?