Single Six, fun to shoot. Versatile

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by MagBlackhawk, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. MagBlackhawk

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    Single Six, 6.5" barrel, blued with a 30 oz trigger return spring.

    A few years ago I realized there was no holding that gun steady while pressing the trigger with the std spring in place.
    Funny, all those years and I never thought to dry fire @ 50 yd while watching the sights before!
    A 30 oz spring fixed it so I can stay on target while pressing the trigger.
    Now that gun is fun....

    I use a 2.5" black dot on white paper for 50 yd targets, sandbag rests under my hands/arms.

    Shooting cheap LR ammo, I've found that Fed's 36 gr HP bulk pack probably shoots better than I do.
    Of the last 12 shots fired, two went about 3" high, two more about 1" out and one just out of the black dot. The other seven, all in the dot. :D
    OK, it's sighted in for LR's.

    Over the last few months I've finally been able to get enough .22 Mag ammo to do some LR/Mag shooting comparisons.
    At 50 yd .22 Magnums shoot a little higher than LR's so 2 clicks down and I'm on with accuracy as good or better than I got with LR's.
    I tried: Hornady 30 gr, CCI 40 gr HP, Win 40 gr FMC and Win 40 gr JHP. All shoot to the same POA at 50.

    Went back to the LR setting (2 clicks up) and LR ammo was dead nuts on again.

    Then I got to thinkin. If the sights are set so that Mag's shoot high at 50 yd, what would they do at 100?
    Maybe I could be sighted in for 50 yd with LR ammo and switch to Mag's for 100 yd without touching the sights.

    Well it was a good idea, just didn't work. All the Mag ammo went a little low at 100.
    One, maybe two more clicks up might put em on but danged if I can envision a need to make 100 yd shots with a .22 revolver.

    One time there was a thread asking "What's your favorite gun". My answer, usually the one I'm holding.
    Right now my Single Six is my favorite gun..... ;)
  2. greg_r

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    I would have a hard time deciding between my Single Six and my MKII. They are both that good!

  3. WizardMaster

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    Don't forget that a .22 lr round can pierce a 1/4" sheet of plywood at 325 yards! Isn't that amazing!? OR how about the .22lr at 600 yard shots? Don't underestimate the power of a .22 long rifle round. It's on YouTube!
  4. vonzipper

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    I picked up a 1973 New Model Super Single Six and shot it for the fist time today. My Mag cylinder is fluted like the 22lr cylinder with no markings.
    The new Single sixes today come with a non-fluted cylinder that are engraved showing that it is 22 mag. Would the cylinders made today fit a 1973 model gun?
  5. VThillman

    VThillman Active Member

    You can tell the difference by looking inside the chambers.
  6. spikedriver

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    Hey Magnum that 30 gr Hornady Mag is good stuff. Have you tried the CCI 30 gr TNT? It's been very accurate for me and very, very destructive on target. I wonder if, out of a short barrel, it blows up like it does out of a rifle? That Single Six sounds like hours of fun, just trying out new ammo...
  7. MagBlackhawk

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    Haven't tried CCI 30 gr TNT. I did shoot some CCI 30 gr V-Max ammo but not enough to report on.
    It's said to be the same bullet Hornady loads in their V-Max ammo.
    The Hornady version was Very Accurate, CCI probably would be too.
  8. VThillman

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    Hah. .22 mag out of the Single Six at night ought to be entertaining, especially in a sequence that ends with .45-70 out of a BFR. Jim, you need to get on it. With pics.
  9. phideaux

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    Its fun in daytime too.....