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Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by marcinstl, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. marcinstl

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    I took the SS to the range this morning. I was shooting Fiocchi S&W .32long fmj.
    this is one gun that makes me look good. black ramp in a black notch on a bright pink target, even for the visually impaired this is easy.
    (I'm finding .32 long ammo easier to find than .327 mag and that's ok, I'm just putting holes in paper.)
    shooting a single action revolver sure is fun.
  2. VThillman

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    32 long. :)

    Cousin Lyle had a .32 long revolver for awhile (back in the dim past, too dim to remember the make). I can say that it made little impression on a porcupine - for awhile anyway. That part I remember.

  3. buster40c

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    The .32 SW is a fun round to shoot. Afterward then shooting the .327 mag seems like you are shooting a totally different gun. The 327 magnums are very similar to shooting 357 magnums. Sometimes Cabellas has .327 mag on sale for around $18 per 50.
  4. Pancho_Villa

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    I had one of the old single six pistolas in .32 H&R mag when they first came out. Never could find the ammo anywhere around here. That was back in the early 80s. All I could find was .32 S&W Long & short. The longs wefre o.k. for plinking and target shooting. Not as good as a .38 spl. The .32 S&W shorts were really weak. I remember having the gun with me while clearing brush and all I had were the shorts. A nice bobcat crossed the fence @ 60 yards in front of me. It kept walking, so I took a shot. The animal took about 3 steps before the bullet ever got there. Guess I shoulda givenit more leade.
  5. phideaux

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    Just a tid bit of info about the .32SWL...

    I have only one revolver that shoots it , and I like the power and it is a accurate round.

    When he was the New York City Police Commissioner, Theodore Roosevelt standardized the department's use of the Colt New Police revolver. The cartridge was then adopted by several other northeastern U.S. police departments.[3] The .32 Long is well known as an unusually accurate cartridge. This reputation led Police Commissioner Roosevelt to select it as an expedient way to increase officers' accuracy with their revolvers in New York City. The Colt company referred to the .32 S&W Long cartridge as the .32 "Colt's New Police" cartridge, concurrent with the conversion of the Colt New Police revolver from .32 Long Colt. The cartridges are functionally identical with the exception that the .32 NP cartridge has been historically loaded with a flat nosed bullet as opposed to the round nose of the .32 S&W Long.[2]

  6. marcinstl

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    a .32 S&W long as a police round? either cops back then were deadly accurate shots or badguys were wimps?
    take the Single Seven and play "Ruger Roulette"-- have somebody load the gun with .32acp, .32S&W long, H&R mag, .327 mag. random order, spin the cylinder. ya pick up the gun and get on target, cock the hammer, pull the trigger. if you have a flinch problem, this will either cure ya or kill ya. or you can load the gun and let your buddy shoot it. getting all braced up and ready for the .327 mag and then landing the hammer on a .32acp is great fun for the recoil sensitive shooter.