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I like the Magpul 2way sling on my AR which allows me to have it single point or 2 point so I thought it would be cool to have my old 10/22 set up that way also. When I say old I do mean old I guess I have had this since I know as far back as 1988. It has the old Ram Line folding stock on it so it already has swivels up front and on the pistol grip but I didn't like the way it hung from that swivel, so I drilled and put a stud in on top under and rear of the scope as you can see in the photo. It seems to ride much better that way but I want to find something else to put throut them hole on the stud instead of using a swivel. Maybe a black split ring ? Air gun Gun accessory Trigger Wood Gun barrel


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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