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    Just finiShed helping my cousin in law move. He reloads everything except .22 and had a lot of boxes of shells, casings, and primers . He also had boxes of lead. Boy was that heavy! And of course it all had to go down in the basement with steep stairs! I thought, if I ever start reloAding I'm going to get a single level house . Lo!
  2. Oldhand

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    I know what you mean. I just bought a single level house, but if you don't have enough room you will end up loading in the master bathroom like I do.:D

  3. spikedriver

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    So your bathroom smells like gunpowder and potpourri?
  4. buster40c

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    LOL Those basements really make nice family, game, or other type rooms and places to store things. What is strange is homes without basements cost as much as those with them. If you can keep the basement dry they are a great asset to the house. Some people make the basements into rental homes.
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    Here in the eternal summerland we don't have basements in our houses. Plus A/C units and swamp coolers are mounted on roofs instead of on the ground. Most of the ground here is bedrock and you can't dig through that. When I lived in Iowa I had a 3000 sq. ft. house with a basement and a fireplace in the living room and the basement both. Here our house is 900 sq. ft. so we don't have much room. Only good thing is the A/C costs are somewhat cheaper than the big houses that require 2 A/C's.

  6. Oldhand

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    That is a lot better than what it could smell like:D
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    My built in 1875 basement houses my 2 American Security Safes...and all my ammo... behind a separate wall and dead bolted steel door...a large sitting area with couch and chairs / TV / Fridge for Beer in the middle...and a laundry room in the back by the dead bolted steel door that leads out behind the house.

    My Fortress of Solitude is behind walls 18" thick...built into the side (edge) of a hill @ 333 feet above sea level...with hundreds of feet more as you travel up the hill...shielding me from Philadelphia in the distance...( 30 some miles on the opposite side ).

    Philly could take a nuke and I might hear a rumble... :rolleyes: