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    I've got a 22/45 lite that I'm shooting consistently to the left , nice groups but left ImageUploadedByTapatalk1367577818.516240.jpg
    Just wondering if there's any thing I should try BEFORE, I try to adjust the sights ?
    I've tried a little more finger on the trigger not much if any difference ? I'm still a rookie and learning, so go easy on me. Lol.
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    This is always a good start......

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    I would try shooting it from a bench rest before changing the sights. Then you’ll know if it’s you or the sights.

    You could be squeezing too hard and torquing the pistol as you pull the trigger. Try to isolate your trigger finger so you don’t squeeze your entire hand as you press the trigger.

    You can also try switching your grip to two-handed left hand grip and see what happens to your grouping. Try 3 round sets, slow fire to check results.
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    I would go with the bench rest first. Group is good and not very far off. Maybe one or two clicks to right depending on the distance you are shooting. I have a couple of stainless Target model Mk IIs. Those are click adjustable. I assume the 22/45 is the same. If you decide to move it and are unsure of the direction to turn the screw, counrt the clicks as you go. If it moves the wrong way, all you have to do is move the same number of clicks back to where you were and go the other way counting clicks till ya get there. Best to have it on a bench when ya do that.

    One other option before ya move it is changing ammo brands. Some brands will shift point of impact (POI) and or elevation. One other problem with that is that the guns are sometimes picky about ammo brands. Some will feed weel with some and not be as accurate. Some will feed well and be accurate and some will be accurate ane feed like crap. Mine are that way. Ya just don't know till ya try it.

    I have one fixed sight Mk II that will feed any kinda good or crap ammo you put in it. It's a 4" gun and is fairly accurate to very accurate with most brands. POI only moves a bit with most brands. The 2 target models are very picky about ammo and the standard is not.

    I have gone through quite a few Mk is & IIs over the years and they all behave differently. Never had a Mk III or IV. Don't want those. Tried a few 22/45s. Have not owned one yet.
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    wow this is an ollllld thread, from 2013. I wonder if Rking1550 is around to read this now?
    But all is cool because we still can learn from the post.