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I just ,this week, started rotating canned food after 3 years.
Im talking in cans, not the stuff in glass thats home canned.

After 3 years the cans start showing signs of rusting.
So you gotta keep an eye on it, and turn it evry few months.

Food in glass is much better,
I also store seeds, sugar, rice,flour,corn meal and salt in glass quart canning jars. It keeps great for years, I have some thats 6 years old and still good, we are starting to replace some sugar ,salt, with some that cost twice as much.


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Twinkies, Doritos, and beef jerky:D

I don't keep a SHTF food store but every vehicle has a little "Go Kit" with a stash of granola bars and some iodine for purifying water, plus basic first aid, a few tools and 20 rounds of 9mm. I view it as something just to get by for a day or two while en route to a safer location. Everything but the tools will fit in a little plastic tub.
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