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  1. buster40c

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    If SHTF what caliber rifle and would you choose semi auto or bolt action? I read where an 270 is an excellent choice. Would a 30-30 be a sufficient caliber? How about a 308?
    Is the Ruger American rifle a good choice? How would it stand against a CZ? I see the CZ is about twice the price and I wonder is it twice the gun as the Ruger?
  2. spikedriver

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    To my mind it would be hard to bet against an AK. Plentiful cheap ammo, good for self defense, very reliable, and adequate for deer sized animals. Accuracy could be an issue though. I do like the idea of a lever gun in .357 or .44 but quick reloads are a problem.
    As for RA vs. CZ, probably either would be great. I'd choose a caliber in the .308 family. If you couldn't find the right brass you could neck other .308 based brass up or down, or cut '06 brass down in a pinch.

  3. greg_r

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    I would be inclined to reach for my FR8, 7.62X51 NATO. I just really like that rifle.

    The CZ527 is a good one too. My only gripe is the safety is backwards. Forward is safe, back to fire. Mine is 7.62x39. The vast majority of 7.62x39 is steel cased though. If you plan to reload, it might not be what you want. It's also surprisingly accurate in the CZ. The 527 is also available in 223. I have heard they fixed the twist so it can handle the heavier bullets now.

    Although I do not own one, I have handled several of the RAR's in 300 BLK. Honestly, I think I would buy that instead of the CZ if I were to do it all over again. . I think Ruger should chamber it in the 7.62x39 and the new .277 Wolverine as well. Don't think I would like the 223 version though, I would go with the RAR Predator if I went the 223 route, just because of the longer barrel.

    I am not a huge fan of the AK style rifle. If for no other reason than their accuracy. It is not uncommon for the AK to shoot 4 to 6 moa. Better shooting ones could be found, but it is just not known for accuracy. The AR platform is normally much more accurate. I have a couple of lowers, and uppers in 5.56, 223 Wylde, 300 BLK, and am in the process of building a .277 WLV upper.

    Funny, I did not like the AR platform BO (before Obama). I bought one after he started all the hype, it sat in the safe for a long time. It was my I bought it just because I still could rifle. Of course I paid too much for it back then. I have come to like the platform. The 300 Blk is the least accurate of the trio I have now. But it is still less than 1.5 moa, better with the right bullets. The 5.56 is very accurate, but it has the pencil barrel and will open up with the groups once the barrel heats. It likes the 55 grain best but will shootbthe 62 grain almost ascwell. The 223 Wylde is my baby. With its 24 inch barrel and 1:8 twist it does very well with anything I have fired in it from 52 grain bullet weight on up. Plus it has the barrel length to get the most velocity from the 223 cartridge. I started using it for groundhogs this year. I have taken the "whistle pigs" out to 400 yards with it. I am expecting great things from the .277 WLV too!

    And your question about the 30-30? It is entirely adequate. I have a Handi Rifle collection, and the 30-30 is in the top 5 of my favorites, along with the 223, 280, 300 BLK and 45/70.

    Here is the FR8 and the 300 BLK Handi which gets most of my attention lately.

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  4. SavageGuy

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    Without a doubt, my .30-06

    Everyone has an '06 so ammo is gonna be a popular trading item and available. A bolt gun is also simple to operate and accurate. And it's powerful enough to take anything in North America which helps
  5. buster40c

    buster40c Well-Known Member

    I think instead of buying another rifle I will just buy more ammo for my Marlin 336 30-30. I don't have room in safe for another rifle and the money spent on another safe or rifle will buy a bunch of 30-30 ammo.
    How about that!! I talked myself out of buying another gun! Now that doesn't happen to often.
  6. mulescj8

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    I asked this question to numerous friends that are LEO and military, here is the response I got from most of them.

    You need to have something that will run .223/5.56 NATO rounds because that will be the ammo that will be most available sine LEO and military use the rounds. Their logic makes since. However most said everyone should have an AR platform since most of the mags will interchange. I agree but I do not like the AR platform. Maybe some day I will come to like it, the time just isn't now.
  7. buster40c

    buster40c Well-Known Member

    I look at that this way.........If I have 1000 rounds of 30-30 ammo when shtf I truly doubt I will need any more ammo. Each round has to count and there will be no spray and pray with my Marlin 336c. If I need more than 1000 rounds of any ammo then I could probably be dead before I use up 1000 rounds.
    You might want to read between the lines to understand that thinking.
  8. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt

    I am from the old school. It's not that I don't care for the AR platform, it's just that I haven't shot that type of weapon in almost 50 yrs. I am still a bolt action type of person having a Remington 700 BDL 7mm magnum. Although the ammo is a little harder to acquire (but I haven't checked in a long time) I am more comfortable with it. I also have a Remington 760 30.06 slide action. Problem with the 760 is the barrel, if heated up, will loose it's accuracy. 30.06 ammo is easily accessible and I maintain that it still will be. If I had to shoot a thousand rounds, I would be in trouble as arthritis would tear my shoulder up. Having to shoot a long distances, I would certainly be at a disadvantage and that's why I work so much with my SR1911's. If the shtf then I don't believe we will be in a distance related shooting although one never knows. Buster, I truly understand your thinking. We are too damned old to be worrying about shooting over a hundred yards. If I have to go, I would like to think I would take the BG with me.

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  9. buster40c

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    I suggest to the older shooters it would be good to get some form of recoil pad for your rifles and shotguns. I bought a Kick- EEZ recoil slip over that fits most long gun stocks and it takes up around 80% of the shoulder bruising recoil. I can shoot my Remington 1100 12 ga. with only wearing a T-shirt without having any shoulder discomfort. Very small price to pay for comfort. I don't need the Ben Gay jar now.
    I agree with Tommy in that I doubt any threats to me will be from 100 yards out let alone 300 yards. If the threat is from long distance then I seriously doubt any rifle will protect me.
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  10. phideaux

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    My go to for shtf...
    in this order.

    zatava ak.jpg


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  11. JohnR

    JohnR New Member

    I like the AR15 platform, and have plenty of ammo for it, so it's my top choice.
  12. paulruger

    paulruger Active Member

    A bolt action 505 Gibbs!
  13. greg_r

    greg_r Well-Known Member

    Show off!!! :rayoff:
  14. SHOOTER13

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    I own:

    Three .22 long rifle...2 rifles...1 pistol

    One .22 Magnum

    One .32 ACP

    Two .380 ACP

    One 9x18 Makarov

    Nine 9x19mm

    Four .357 Magnum

    Two .44 pistol

    Seven .45 ACP ( Tommy Gun )

    One .45 Colt

    Two 5.56x45mm

    One .30 WCF

    One 7.62x39mm

    Two 30.06 Springfield ( M1 Garand )

    One 7mm Rem Mag ( Rem 700 BDL )

    Three 12 Gauge

    ...and more ammo than God himself !!


    Bring IT !!
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  15. hodge

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    Crossbow- how many bolts should I have?
    Hittlery hasn't said anything about coming for crossbows.