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Showing off...Part two.

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And a couple of long ones too.

Wally World Special from 2006. Scope is a 4x Bushnell. This one has had a "Swamp Fox" trigger job, and is a really good shooter.

And a 77/22 from 1984. A very nice looking rifle for it's age. Scope is an old "made in Japan" Simmons 2x7.

I'm no expert, but I like to sit around and listen to those who do know something.
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Those are very very nice. I going to have to check out one of those 77/22's. They are very classy looking. Congrats.

Not only a couple of nice rifles, but it looks like you have a great place to shoot too!
I also have one of those stainless Wal Mart 10/22s. I like the extra barrel length.

That 77/22 is a beauty! Those older japanese Simmons scopes are pretty good glass.
You should be proud,

Nice collection.

Thanks Jim :) Ruger fan through and through. Those are just part of the family
Wow, some nice rifles in this thread!
Good looking guns.....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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