Show your BBQ Gun.

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    In case some, like myself, don't know what a BBQ gun is it is your dress up gun and holster for those special gun family gatherings like a BBQ get together. I had never heard of this reference and thought it is a cool way to show off our pride and joys. Some like to show off their shiney nickel plated or their pristine blued gun that looks awesome as deep spit shined boots, or engraved artwork on their gun, a monster .500 or whatever gun they choose as their dress up gun.
    Perhaps we could have a sticky thread for our special dress up BBQ guns. Maybe the mods could make a sticky for this thread if it gets a good response. I know I would like to see chosen BBQ guns.
    I choose my cowboy holster with my Ruger GP100 MC because it is IMO a gorgeous gun that says I mean business and I look great at the same time. Stainless beauty with fine looking wood grips. It says I am a handful as well as an eyeful.
    I just didn't like the looks of the holster so I dyed it and buffed it up. Yep that is same holster as above pic.

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    My BBQ rig...



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    Hand made custom holster and a SBH SS.

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    This is my Virginian Dragoon .44 Magnum. Not all that many around - that are good shooters, that is. Kind of an insider thing, eh?

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    BBQ anyone??????????????

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