Should you have a gun for home protection?

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    When the sheriff or cops are 35 minutes away and someone, seeming raging mad, is trying to get into your house you better hope you have a gun. No gun for protecting your life in your home could mean when the sheriff arrives he might just be calling the coroner instead of the paramedics.
    I was watching a new show on TV called 911 emergency. This episode was about an old granny that was 5' tall and maybe 120 lbs. It was 2:30 a.m. her husband was at work and she was alone. Some man that seemed in a total rage was trying to get into her house. She called 911 and the dispatch at 911 said she had officers in route and for her not to hand up the phone. The officers were minimum 35 minutes away. Her husband at work was 2 hours away.
    The dispatch asked if she could get into a room to be safe. She said she wasn't about to go into a bathroom with no way out if the intruder came inside. She said she had a 16ga. shotgun and as the man was continuing trying to gain entry she decided to get the shotgun. She said she knew how to use it but would only use it if the man got inside. Dispatch said the officers said she had full right to defend her life if it came to that. The officers were still a ways out while the man kept pounding on all the doors and windows. The woman was scared to death of what might happen if the man got inside.
    The man took a chair from outside and smashed through a window and then he climbed inside the house. The old woman pointed the shotgun at the man as she told the dispatch she didn't want to kill the man and if the man would stop coming at her she wouldn't shoot him. Well the man kept coming at her, still acting raging mad, and she finally pulled the trigger hitting the man center chest dropping him right there dead as a door nail. She cried to the dispatcher saying oh my God I killed him. The dispatch told her she did what she had to do. The officers arrived about a minute after she shot the man.
    The man was drunk and hopped up on some kind of drugs. He evidently thought he was at his home. No charges were filed against granny. She is alive thanks to her having a shotgun and was trained how to use it. No telling if she would be alive if she didn't have that shotgun.
    When the cops or help are 35 minutes away you could be glad you have a gun. Let those scared of owning a gun or the bad guys be the ones the coroner pronounces dead instead of you. No a gun provides no guarantee it will spare your life but having no gun is much more likely you could lose your life before help arrives.
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    ^^^ I've seen that same episode. Open and shut case of self defense. I suppose it varies by location, of course, but I believe most states assume that anyone who would break into your home, while you are there, presents an immediate threat to your safety...
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    I'm so happy I live in Florida!! So many laws protecting the gun owner and those who wish to protect themselves, others, and private property. I just wish open carry was an option other than for fishing, camping, and hunting!
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    Muy Bueno. Wife and I are out in the brush, about 20 minute response time. Not too bad, but we keep ready anyway. Lotta illegals ''bailout'' around this area cause there is a border patrol checkpoint 9 miles to the south and nothing but brush for 60 miles in any direction.

    I have been approached by as many as 5 illegals that kept purshing the dogs back and refusing to leave after repeated commands in both English and Spanish to leave. They kept pushing the dogs back to me at the back door, but changed their minds after I drew a .45 and held it by my side. Local cops got there in 24 minutes. The illegals were long gone by then. Migra never came cause the locals have to call them if needed only.

    Been a few other times I called them when only 1, 2, or 3 guys show up and refuse to leave and I have to show them a gun. Last 2 times were 3 guys in combat camo fatiques and boots stopping by to check my BBQ menu. Drew on them right away. unsure if they were armed and didn't wanna find out. They ran. The orher 2 guys tried to get into my car outside bnd the car alarm went ojj. Confronted by me and my .45, they presented a clip board with a sheet of paper claiming it was some political BS. Their crew cab truck was right behind my car in the driveway, so they musta coasted in like stealth mode. We are right next to the car and we did not here them. only one spoke English, but they both understood gun. Not wanting to find out how many were in the truck, I let them go. Cop took 20 minutes and said they were probably coyotes looking for a car to steal for trafficking.
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    But having the border fenced off is just not needed. Unbelievable that people have no idea what people like Pancho are having to deal with almost every day.
    I guess Poncho you need put up your own electrified fence. Get a few junk yard dogs and keep them a bit on the hungry side.
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    I wish open carry was the 'norm' here in Texas. I'd carry a much more efficient weapon if it was.
    Texas now has open carry but much of the public are scared when they see a gun so just about nobody carrys open.*

    Gotta consider the Snowflakes you know.
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    Went to an auto parts store today and they had a 30.07 sign on the entrance door. Pawn shops often have a 30.07 sign.
    I am wondering is that because they don't want some customer possibly freaking out seeing a gun?
    I can understand a store not wanting a person coming into a store with a their gun drawn because that could be taken as a robbery going down. But a holstered open carry gun should not cause alarm. That's my .02 anyway.
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    I am seeing more 30.07 signs now, especially in restaurants. My bank even has a pistol with a red slash through it with 30.07 under it. And yes I know it is not a “legal” sign and all they can do is ask a person that open carries to leave. The media left has polarized the public into believing that every gun and going to jump up and shoot someone. 2020 is going to be a very telling election.
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    Well there will be NO open carry in the Peoples Republic of Illinois as long as King Madigan and Prince Collerton are in power. That being said, at least our former neutered Republican governor did sign a Castle Doctrine law before he got himself fired.
    Looking into getting a USCCA membership with the benefits.
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    The problem is that people are afraid to open carry because they are afraid they might start a fright show and this happens because nobody open carries anymore! People aren't used to what is law. I feel for those guys currently in Florida carrying their firearms round, including their AR's while carrying their fishing poles on the sidewalks exercising our rights to carry!! Snowflakes are all over the phone and cops (swat) come from all directions to find out it's a group of folks with cameras just seeing which cop is going to react the wrong way and not recognize the laws and the rights of the people. Maybe we need 100 people open carrying and walking down the sidewalk exercising their right. I doubt the cops would even want to stop and begin to ask questions. After I left Michigan, they enacted an open carry law darn it all!!! Florida needs to catch up. I'm tempted to open carry around the yard when I mow, etc. just to see what happens. I have cameras in every direction so I'm not afraid of snowflake liars..... I do believe without a go pro or other camera equipment during a cop stop of someone carrying a firearm or rifle, etc. with a fishing pole things may turn out differently for the worse even though the cop may know the rights of firearm owners in that regard. They NEED TO STOP protecting the damn SNOWFLAKES mental illnesses and feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snowflakes>>OBAMA, built that!!!!
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    Man, that's crazy. Glad I live in Indiana!
  12. Donn

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    If you live in a pro 2A state, that's good. Just remember, it can turn on a dime. Look no further than Washington state's spate of new gun control laws enacted this year and Virginia following this past week's election. The Bloomberg crowd has millions and no trouble spending it. If you don't think it can happen where you are, guess again. It's no secret why the anti's are targeting the states they are.
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    You got it right brother ! And you can't fight the wealthy elitist, they employ the government and the police etc. Most of us are living off our shoelaces.

    They know the shit-hole places like New York city etc. are won now it's go after rural America. My State is turning yearly, we now no longer have any outdoor public ranges.

    Bloomberg and co. spent over $3 million dollars last time out to get gun shows in my State banned. And it was barely defeated.