Shotgun Slugs for Self Defense ???

Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by MagBlackhawk, May 26, 2017.

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    Shotgun slugs for self defense... Maybe I'm missing something but I don't get it.

    Winchester has a 12 ga load that uses a 1oz slug along with three 00B pellets. They call it PDX1 Defender.
    I'd think a slug would be a real man-stopper so why the three 00B pellets?
    If you miss with the slug are you supposed to count on one, maybe two 00B pellet/s to stop the BG, and what about that slug? What might it hit?

    Win also makes a PDX1 load using a segmenting slug, no buckshot. It's also marketed as being for SD.
    Again, I don't get it.

    I guess if you had a shotgun and you had to make a long shot a slug would be the logical choice.
    I must admit I keep a few slugs handy just for that unlikely scenario.

    My shotgun is loaded with #4B most of the time. (I do keep some larger shot close at hand, just in case).
    My hope being that stray #4B pellets won't be as dangerous out at 100+ yd like a stray slug could be.
    I see a SD shotgun as a close range tool. IMHO slugs are not for close range.... Just my opinion.
    ... YMMV ...

    What's in your shotgun?
  2. greg_r

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    It's a take of the old "buck n ball" loads of days gone by. If you get a chance read about the defense of Marye's Heights in December 1862. It's a testiment of how effective the load is.

    I am generally with you. I keep my 12 gauge stoked with #4 buckshot.

    But, I do use the PDX round in my 45/410. I feel the 410 is marginal for defense of much more than snakes. The 410 buck n ball load just makes me feel better.

  3. VThillman

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    I think the slug has excessive potential for collateral damage in the next home over. I ain't even convinced that #4buck, out of an 18" cylinder bore, provides enough expansion-of-pattern to make up for poor aim. Whether or not a sheetrock partition will stop it, I dunno.
  4. Tommycourt

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    I keep my Remington 870 by my front door with out a round chambered. I want the BG to hear me jack the shotgun prior or upon his/her entry. I will then alert them that I am armed. My first 3 rounds have double 00 buck and the last round is a deer slug. If the double 00 buck won't stop them, then I don't really know what good the slug would do. I also keep a box of #4 shot on hand for backup. My 870 has a deer slug barrel with sights on it and it is a short barrel which came with the shotgun when I won it at a Duck's Unlimited banquet.

  5. buster40c

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    I am guessing the slug will make a big hole in the BG and a few walls also. You could ask the BG if he wanted a beach towel to stuff in that big hole in him.
  6. SavageGuy

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    I've got 3" magnum 000 buckshot for my shotgun. Not really thinking intruder with load, more like a stray angry moose in the backyard.....

    My shotgun isn't the first thing I reach for for HD. I've got a 9mm and a 5.56 ready to go...
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    It goes back to the musket and War Between the States ( or farther than that probably) , buck and ball loads were common , a minnie ball or musket ball with three buckshot on top. Old school multi projectile ammo , not a new idea at all.
    Is it practical ? The slug is going to penetrate that's for sure , the 3 buckshot...I don't know. I think it's kind of a gimmick .
    My night stand 12 ga. pump has #4 buckshot , I've patterned it and know that at inside the house distances it will get the job done. Whatever you use , pattern it and make sure you know what it groups at what may surprise you at how tight or how spread out the groups are. Mine likes #4 buck best so that's what we use.
  9. SFC

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    I have a few 12 ga shot guns throughout the house I keep all loaded up with Remington 000BK to 0000BK for that damn fool high on drugs decides they want to enter my home uninvited

    I have the chamber empty as I like the sound of jacking that first round scaring the hell out of anyone

    I have read many FBI reports on doing reloads for Self Defense FBI says No it will bad enough that chances are you will be sued by relatives of the victim laying dead on your floor without giving them more, e.g., Your Intent was to kill someone (BS) Factory reloads recommended for self protection takes all doubt of you loading something illegal in the shotshell (This is most likely true for the victims relatives will have that shot analyzed) This says the same for any self defense ammunition. In addition, in states like CA, IL, NY, MD, etc., will be burning you over hot coals and the first thing out of your mouth should be I need Medical second thing is Attorney. Do Not talk to police, News Interviews or Insurance Agents Keep Your Mouth Shut Except Medical and Attorney.
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    Slugs penetrate just about everything, and that's the point. Out in the country its fine. In an urban setting it's no bueno. If my closest neighbor was half a mile away I'd use slugs. I live in an apartment, so nope. I got #4 buck.