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SHOT Show Report, Day 3:

I like to try not to make any meetings for the last day (well my last day as I can only be here for 3 days) but there was one company I really wanted to see. I've been friendly with Paul from optronics for years, however, we've never done any business together. He contacted me a few weeks ago that he was taking the sales manager position over at Kowa , needless to say I was excited. Kowa spotting scopes are awesome and we've been wanted to get heavier with this brand for a while now.
They're spotting scopes are amazing and they are releasing some new compact ones shortly. Stay tuned and as we get more details we will share them with you.

My next stop was at Konus Optics
"Konus specializes in creating high-quality optics at an exceptional value to hunters and shooters worldwide. Italian companies are renowned for design and having a deep understanding for precision and quality. Konus epitomizes this philosophy, creating optics with demanding specifications on the factory to ensure that each product matches a standard requirement before it is released. Since 2006, Konus has been offering their wide range of shooting optics in the American market to much acclaim. Hunters, law enforcement officials and shooters of all kinds consistently rave about the quality and accessibility of the optics, making Konus one of the most up and coming brands in this ever growing category."
We've been looking for a budget priced optics line for a while that offers decent quality. I believe we've found those products here with Konus.
A host of etched glass reticle riflescopes under $100.00 and Spotting scopes under $200.00
We are excited for our next meeting in a couple of weeks and will keep you informed.

The next company I went to, AimCam had the coolest product of the show. (OK, maybe not, but it's very cool). It is a shooting glass, that comes with 3 sets of lenses, with a micro camera mounted on the frame so it does video exactly as you see.
"AimCam is the result of over four years of research and development from an idea on a Skeet shooting ground into the best way to capture true line of sight when participating in Aiming sports.
Our Patented camera system is infinitely adjustable and is best suited to capture line of sight while at the same time can be easily set-up to function as an everyday video camera for all activities. That’s why our catch Phrase is “See It Your Way”!
Existing products utilise a fixed centrally or side located camera which strives to record what the user is seeing with the use of both eyes. These, however, do not record an accurate representation of what the user sees when aiming down the barrel of a shotgun, shaft of an arrow, billiards cue or any other activity requiring precision. This is because a dominant eye is being used whilst aiming. The development of a product which allows consumers to document their experiences from a realistic ‘First- Person’ perspective, as well as act as a training aid, would result in a holistic solution for the documentation of activities such as shooting and archery and allow spectators the opportunity to see what the sports man is seeing/doing for the first time thus increasing uptake and audience participation in our sports.
The AimCam team are all sportsmen, so naturally we took great care to make sure that our products are perfectly suited to the needs of everyone who shares our passion for Aiming sports. We carried out extensive market research to gather feedback from hundreds of potential customers from around the world and the final product design and specification incorporates many of the features which you, our customers, asked us for, be it shaving ounces off the frame to make it even lighter or allowing for interchangeable lenses or even no lenses at all!"

This is a must see product. It is complete with everything (three sets of lenses, micro camera, mounts, cords, internal rechargeable battery and micro SD card) for just $249.99

My last stop was with Nikon. Every year we get together and discuss the possibility of them finally selling us their full line of Sports Optics and each year they turn us away as we are a Nikon camera dealer and Nikon Japan will not allow their photo dealers to also be shooting sport dealers. It's a long story. I loved their new rangefinder with Vibration Resistance as well as their new LaserForce Rangefinder Binocular in 10x42 @ $1199.99.
I hope that in the next few weeks we can figure this out, finally.

I spent the rest of my day walking the show and looking at different things. Nothing to report on just yet, however, we shall see what will come of it.

Being this was my last meeting you know by now where I went. Today was a double scoop day, Coffee topped with Chocolate Chip. Mmmm

If I can answer anything for you, as always, it will be my pleasure. For those of you who took the time to read all of my reports please mention this to me when you place your next order and I'll add a bonus into your shipment. Nice to know that you're taking the time to read the whole thing when I take the time to write it, lol.

As always, thank you for all the support we receive. We are nothing without you, and we know that.
Have a great day

Thank you for your continued support.
If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.

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