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Day Two:

Got a couple of hours sleep last night and woke up awake enough to tackle the day.

I started today with Leica It's always great to see Terry and Brian and catch up. We hardly see each other so these shows are wonderful for that.

Nothing much new to report here.
They have the Magnus Series Riflescopes in stock ready to ship.
The ER-5 Series Riflescopes they feel maybe by late Summer for the 2-10's, 3-15's and 4-20's

We discussed customer service and I was pleased to hear that they have more than doubled the staff in that department and are working hard to correct past issues. They too read the forum posts and hear what you've been saying and have been working at correcting some issues.

Sticking with the Germany Optics theme next up was Steiner
I love when there's exciting new products to see. Makes me feel the trip out to the show makes sense lol.
From their dealer info sheet:
"The tactical experience and military background from Steiner is coming through strong in 2017, with upgrades to our battle sights, laser range finding binoculars, a new compact riflescope, and a brand new red dot site with a user-selectable reticle."

R1X Red Dot Tactical Sight @ $599.99
Reticle can be instantly changed from single red dot to 3-dot stadia
Ideal for military and law enforcement
Low-profile red dot sight designed for AR and patrol rifle platforms
Available in standard and QD mounts
Quicker target acquisition and enhanced accuracy
Lightweight, compact, easy to mount and simple to use

M830r Laser Range Finder 1535nm
Steiner has added Bluetooth® capability to the M830r Laser Rangefinder 1535nm binocular, allowing users to upload current weather conditions using wireless technology in order to make a more accurate shot.
The M830r 1535nm is compatible with Kestrel 5700 Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics which provides accurate environmental data for more precise targeting. The data is wirelessly transferred in real-time.
While it was designed for military elite, the new capabilities and extremely accurate long distance ranging make this binocular a valuable tool for long range precision target shooters.
The M830r LRF 1535nm are the only mil-spec, porro prism binocular with laser rangefinder that provides fast ranging accuracy from 25 to 6,000 meters.
M830r Video
OH, only $7999.99 :)

P4Xi Riflescope
This scope is VERY Impressive.
"A new riflescope from Steiner designed for patrol and tactical situations – the P4Xi 1-4x24mm.
This rugged, close-combat P4Xi riflescope offers clear images and a fast-action P3TR reticle to tackle everyday use or sudden combat action. Five daytime and six nighttime illumination settings, with an OFF position between each setting, make the riflescope perfect for any tactical situation that may arise, day or night.
The P4Xi offers true 1X magnification for both-eyes-open shots and 4X zoom for situational awareness and versatility to be used with any tactical rifle in any situation."
P4xi Video Priced right at $579.99.
This scope is German glass and the rest is all made in the USA. Way to go Steiner

HX 15x56 Binocular
Designed for long range hunting and shooting, the Steiner HX series provides ultra clear optics in an extremely rugged package. The new 15x56 model adds in higher power and larger objectives providing exceptional clarity when spotting your target at long ranges. The HX 15x56 is tripod mountable to make remote views rock-steady.
HX Binocular Video
Competitively priced at $1199.99

M332 & M536 Combat Sights
Steiner has updated the popular M332 and M536 battle sights with a Quick Detach (QD) mount. The new mount features an improved lock release making it easier to mount and remove the sight, while still maintaining zero retention.
The new mount is built specifically for military and law enforcement personnel, and is ideal when engaging in close and medium range combat.
M332 & M536 Combat Sight Video
M332 $629.99
M536 $649.99

We are looking to expand our product offerings so my next stop was Sellmark which offers SightMark.
We had a nice meeting and I looked at the SightMark optics. Did not commit to anything. Please, those of you who are familiar with the brand and products please chime in and let me know if we should offer their gear.
They claim that 5 years or so ago their optics were far below the quality they are now. That's great to hear, however, it would mean more hearing it from you then hearing it from them.
PLEASE, let me know your opinions. Thanks

Back to the days Germany theme I went to see my buddies at Zeiss
If you recall from last year there was a new President that I met for the first time. We got to know each other over the past year and have eased into a nice working relationship. He's a great guy and he really wants to get Zeiss back to the front of the optics community.

Their Conquest Gavia 85, 30-60x85mm spotting scope is outstanding optically.
"Thanks to impressive precision, low weight and a robust design, the ZEISS Conquest Gavia is a companion you’ll always want when making discoveries off the beaten path.
To observe the natural world without causing a disruption, you need the right equipment: the new Conquest Gavia 85 spotting scope from ZEISS is the ideal travel companion thanks to its compact design and low weight, so you can capture all the wonders of nature from just the right angle.
The high-resolution lens system and rapid focus transform the shots into unforgettable images. Whether you’re taking photos of individual birds or entire flocks, the 60 × magnification of the Conquest Gavia 85 enables nature observers to enjoy nature to the max, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. The universal tripod plate is compatible with a range of tripods.
The new ZEISS Conquest Gavia provides birdwatchers and nature observers with a high-performance spotting scope that is simply great value. Extensive digiscoping accessories go one step further in expanding the wide range of uses."
It should be noted that this spotter has an incredible array of accessory items available for it as well, including a new fitted case for it that is priced reasonably and is very nicely made.

They have redesigned their Terra ED line of binoculars improving the rubber armor coating and in general making them more user friendly. In a mid-priced binocular they have a very desirable product.

continued below

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Last year we opened up with Hawke Optics . We've done some with this brand but quite honestly no where near what I had projected. Their scopes are all air gun rated, their binoculars are very nice and priced right as are their spotting scopes.
For 2017 they introduced:

6x ratio precision engineered optical system
21 layer fully multi-coated optics for ultimate clarity
30mm mono-tube chassis for superior strength
Long eye relief for high recoil and magnum calibers
Glass etched reticle with red illumination
Rheostat on saddle offers 6 levels of brightness
1/10″ @100yd low profile no-snag fingertip turrets
Fast focus eyebell and high torque zoom ring

11 layer fully multi-coated optics for excellent clarity
Adjustable objective for parallax correction (AO models)
1 inch mono-tube chassis for superior strength
Glass etched reticle with red and green illumination
Rheostat on saddle offers 5 levels of brightness
¼ MOA low profile ‘no-snag’ fingertip turrets
Fast focus eyebell and high torque zoom ring

There are 3 units of this very sweet compact unit that is priced so well and is a home run in my opinion.
Fully multi-coated optical system - BK-7 prisms
6x magnification and an adjustable diopter
Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand
Twist-up eye cup to ensure proper eye relief
3 models available 400m ($169.99), 600m ($189.99) and 900m ($209.99)
Beeline/height/angle mode - accurate to +/- 1m
Auto shut off battery save feature
These are going to be a fantastic addition to our rangefinder offerings. I mean really, a good 900 yard laser rangefinder for $209.99. This is a show hit, IMO.

They also showed me their Hawke Vantage binoculars which run under $100.00. If this is your budget then this would be my suggestion. Sorry Carson these look better than the ones you showed me yesterday. I calls it like I see it.

I looked at their Sidewiner ED LR 10-50x60 riflescope.
Extra-low Dispersion glass for optimum detail
18 layer fully multi-coated optics for superior clarity
Side focus control for parallax adjustment to infinity
30mm mono-tube chassis for superior strength
Glass etched reticle with red illumination
Stepless rheostat offers total brightness control
Interchangeable turrets – quick to install and remove (very cool feature. You can swap to MOA or MRAD)
¼ MOA exposed, locking and resettable turrets
Locking ocular and high torque zoom ring
Nitrogen purged – water, shock and fog proof
Hawke lifetime warranty
It has great features, however, I'm not sure that Hawke is a first choice in a LR scope when you are spending $899.99
What are your thoughts?

In general I do really like their offerings and as I stated I am VERY excited about the new Laser Rangefinder. I look forward to growing with this company as I feel, in general, their value of cost to product is very favorable to the consumer.

To finish up the day I stepped over to the German Pavillion to meet with Minox
It seems each year my meeting with Minox is a mystery unfolding. Last year there was a new National Sales Mgr. and we received notice last month that Blaser USA will become the new Minox distributor in the USA effective January 1, 2017. This is after the past who knows how many years having Minox come from the nice folks at New England Gun and Schmidt & Bender . I had no idea what to expect. We have always been a very strong supporter and believer in the Minox brand so I went into this meeting with an open & hopeful mind.
To my delight the new head of sales seems to be a great guy. Openly showed interest in my opinions and is looking to support the Minox brand and expand it.
I saw a new BV 8x33 binocular which seemed like a great addition at only $285.00
"The MINOX BV series binoculars are particularly characterized by their perfected optical performance, rugged and grippy body, and high reliability even in harsh situations. Excellent binoculars for wildlife observation in any environment."
Product Features:
● Highly optimized optical performance
● M* lens coating for a bright image
● Neutral colour rendition
● 8x or 10x magnification for distant objects
● Non-slip, sturdy aluminum body
● Turnable eyecups - ideal for eyeglass wearers
● Tripod socket
● Waterproof down to 5 m and nitrogen gas purged to prevent fogging

Also liked their new ACX-300 Action cam. Videos can be recorded with an HD video resolution of up to 3K.
150* wide angle lens
3K video recording
Built-in image stabilizer
Photos up to 12MP
2.0" TFT display
WiFi support and operation via Android or iOS App
Included wrist remote control
Waterproof to 98'
Only $199.99

Once again, too many meetings today. I got my after show ice cream cone, Vanilla Bean flavor today. It hit the spot.

* For those of you who have asked:
Our web builder got the Leupold BX-3 Mojave Pro Guide HD 10x42mm Binoculars onto our site @ $379.99, reduced from $579.99 that we posted about yesterday.

As always, thank you for all the support we receive. We are nothing without you, and we know that.
Have a great day

Thank you for your continued support.
If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.

Please visit our web site @

Please visit for your Fishing Tackle needs

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Thanks for the report! Sounds like you are having a productive time. I've always wanted to go to a SHOT show, but thru people like you is the only way I'll get to go.

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One of these days I'll make it to a SHOT show.....
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