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Ok, i took my Ruger American that i equipped with a Burris FastFire III to the range to give it a try. I wasn't happy with the standard rear sight because there was no adjustment for elevation and to adjust the windage was a real pain in the neck.

Of course it wasn't zeroed in so it took me a few rounds to get the sucker anywhere close to the bulls eye. After a few rounds it was getting right into the bulls eye with decent grouping, still needs a bit of fine tuning, but i am quite happy with it so far. Of course there is a bit of a learning curve learning how to find the red dot and move it to target, but after a little while i learned the trick to it and i believe that i can get on target a bit faster with the red dot than i could with the standard sights. Hopefully with more practice it will work out for me.

Here is what it looks like with the new sight. Pic one is in the holster. Had to cut just a little on the shell to make the sight fit to the point where the trigger was covered properly. Pic 2 is what the gun looks like with the sight.

Love the Rap 45, very easy to shoot, great trigger pull and it is quite accurate and very easy to field strip for cleaning.
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