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    I am needing - oh, let me rephrase - I am wanting to purchase a shooting rest.

    I have looked long and hard from the "Cheaper" solutions to the "Expensive" solutions. I know the answer probably resides somewhere between.

    I have no knowledge or benchmark on which to base a decision. I was hoping to get some insight from the experts and experienced on the forum.

    I have 6 rifles at this time with one more on the way. At this time I have 5 new scopes on 5 rifles and have moved an older scope to a different rifle.

    I was wanting something to aide with initial scope sight ins and something to have to have for subsequent sight ins and just occasional shooting.

    I really don't know what I want as far as features or what I require. I am not looking to spend my life savings on this item but do want one that will be a solid piece of equipment over the long haul.

    Is there any one or several brands to absolutely avoid ?

    :dizzy: Help …. :dizzy:

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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    Right on rjtmac about the price spread ..... $29.95 to $999.95+

    For your stated uses look at Caldwell rests. Good quality (except the bags) and a good range of models. From around $25 to $400 depending on your requirements.

    I would recommend the Caldwell Rock. I use one and its pretty good for the price. Caldwell lists it at $99 but I got mine for $70 thru my LGS. I have replaced the bag as Caldwells aren't up to the standard of the Rest. Their bags are synthetic material and tear pretty easy. Go for a good leather bag. They are all metal, around 24lbs with course elevation adjustment (NO windage tray). The Rock BenchRest model goes for around $150 and has a Windage tray, along with course/fine elevation and windage adjustments. But the bags are still Crap. Comes with a small bag suitable for hunting style stocks.

    For my purposes really only can find 3 choices, Cheap Plastic, Caldwell, and then the Big $$ Comp types at $700+.

    P.S. If you shoot a hunting stock be careful of the front sling studs as that's what tears up the bags. I remove mine before shooting off a front rest and rear bag.

    I would stay away from the Plastic ones as they don't last to my experience.
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    As the Caldwell bags go......Do not shoot a revolver using one as a rest. The hot gas release from the front of the cylinder will give you the immediate opportunity to see what they use for filler. 6 rounds and it's shredded.:eek::D

    I've not found a decent rest for under $140 or so. The lesser ones seem wobbly no matter how tight one adjusts them or will get wobbly after a few rounds fired.

    I currently prefer quality leather shooting bags but one day hope to find the right, for me anyway, quality rest. Right meaning stable and solid and ability to get a comfortable grip on my rifle.

    Very interested to hear what others use successfully.....
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    The mechanical rests aggravate the stuffin out of me. I use a couple of homemade sandbags made out of the legs of a pair of old jeans and dried rice. Sand or dried beans could be used also. With the mechanical rests I had to use bags to hold it down steady anyway so I just alleviated the variable. Has worked well for me for quite sometime. Then again if I can make it instead of buying it I feel like I beat the system a little. To each his own I suppose...;)
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