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    I have an LCR .357 and sighting with the top front blade just even with the back sight I am shooting way low. I have to bring about half up front blade to be shooting center level on target.
    Anybody else finding having to aim this way for center level? I watch the front sights when dry firing and I am not seeing my sights drop down. I don't believe I am doing it hot fire either. I love the trigger on this gun and I don't think that is causing me to drop the front either.
    I am getting better shooting it but still not anywhere good with it. Not even good shooting at 15 ft. I usually shoot from about 11 yards out. Problem is I am now running low on target ammo 38 special and 38+P. Maybe 200 of the .357 left yet. The .357 are not fun target shooting that's for sure. That IMO is the defense round only.
    Anyway I am interested to see what you all are experiencing with your LCR.
    I guess I need shoot it bench or bag rested to see whats happening.
    After seeing NutNFancy review I guess I just need to shoot it more so can get the feel for where it is on target.
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