shooting hard cast lead bullets in sp101

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  1. old

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    anyone here doing this? 125gr or 158gr RNFP bullets with various powder loads in 357mag.

    my 2.25" barrel sp101 frequently (1 or 2 times in a 5 round group) moves a fired round (reloads) back against the recoil shield, makes cylinder bind, I have to open cylinder and push it forward to continue firing. This revolver will fire clad bullets (reloads) flawlessly until I get tired of shooting.

    Ruger says they do not recommend hard cast lead bullets be used in their handguns.

    I have a S&W Model 60, 357 that will fire this type of reloaded ammo flawlessly.

    Anyone here attacked and solved this problem? .......... Old
  2. buster40c

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    I guess that's proof revolvers can jam.
    I shot some hand made wax loads and if there was to much wax in the casing or the primer holes were not drilled out then the primers would come backing out enough to jam the cylinder. After remedying those problems then the gun functioned ok.
    Also if the casing rim becomes to thick during reloading that can and will often jam the cylinder on a gun with very close head spacing. I had 1000 reloaded 38spl that wouldn't work in a few of my guns. Replaced all 1000 of these reloads that had many defective thick head rims and new batch are okay.

  3. VThillman

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    Possibly irrelevant: I have fired .357 Magnum 180gr #2 alloy bullets (WFNGC) in my GP100MC with no problems. In my 77/357 too (even more irrelevant).

    Robert The Irrelevant
  4. Carl Crosby

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    If that be true, there are a potful of us Ruger owners who are in a heap of trouble!:eek: I've shot mostly cast bullets...148 gr DE wadcutters 150-160 gr. SWC and RNFP, and the only leading problems I have had was with some 158 gr. SWC from a national company, since out of business, who cast their bullets at 18-22 BHN. Much to my personal opinion is Lyman #2 alloy , or commercial cast bullets from 11-15 #2 BHN is plenty for all but full snort loads. :)
  5. C. D. Bates

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    99% of my shooting is with cast bullets.

    Never had a problem.