Shocked at my Mini-14

Discussion in 'Ruger Rifle Forum' started by Don, Jul 26, 2014.

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    I've been absent for a while folks. I have recently lost my job, my house, 19 guns and my wife. I'm 61 years old living with my Mom now. 2014 really sucks! But there is some good news..... Having sold my incredibly accurate Rock River Predator AR, I had about 100 loads left over that were specifically loaded for it. I went to the range with my 20 year old Mini-14 to see how good (or bad) they would shoot in it. HOLY MOLY!!!!!!! At 100 yards the first 3 shots were a half inch high in a perfect 3/4 inch triangle. The next five shots were almost as good leaving me with 8 holes forming a 1.5 inch group centered 1" above point of aim with NO flyers. I have never gotten better than 3" groups with this gun and that was only on a good day. Needless to say, this gun with this load has just moved way up on the "must keep" list.
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    Sorry about all your troubles this year.

    Im convince ,every gun, long or short, has a sweet spot.

    Its up to us to find it,

    even if it is by accident.;):)


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    mini 14

    Glad to see this post. I have hesitated to post what I wanted to because some would not believe. I just bought a Ruger mini tactical, 5.56 nato. Bought some PMC ammo before I left local gunshop. First three rounds were bout 1" and low and to the right. After zeroing {with scope} shot three rounds into 3/4 inch. Later my first batch of reloads, 55 gr sierra bt over 28.5 gr CFE 223 shrunk group to 3/8 inch. Aint gonna tinker with rifle shooting like that, but will continue to search for right varmit bullet. All groups shot at 50 yards, home range. Very pleased with rifle.
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    You might want to try looking at Hornady Vmax bullets.