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Sheffield, AL

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Greetings Ruger Forum.

Referred here by the Hi Point Forum and proud owner of a new 10/22 purchased from Gander Mountain, Florence, AL on 1/25.
Got the ATI Strikeforce Six Position Adjustable Side Folding Stock in Desert Tan with Scorpion Pistol Grip delivering on 2/1.

If sunshine prevails Saturday I hope to be plinking somewhere.

Thanks for having me.
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I to was at the HiPoint Forum when a popup invited me to this new Ruger site.I have one of the first 500 4595 carbine's.Got it a week after the factory let them loose.I'm wanting to change the mag catch in mine so it can use unmolested 1911 magazines.I have about twentytwo 1911 mags that I bought for my Taurus PT1911.
Sorry,wrong picture.That is a fiberglas blank I made for the custom grips.


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