September 11th, 2001...

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    ****************** God Bless the United States of America *********************

    ...and the Heroes that Stand Watch Around the Globe...and the Homeland !!
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    That is one of those days we remember where we were when we heard it happening.
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    I will never forget 9-11. I was driving to on the NJTPK driving Connecticut to visit my son in college. I had been retired for 2 years on 9-9. I heard the news of the first plane hit on the radio. Shortly thereafter I heard the news of the second hit. Shortly thereafter I was stoped in traffic on the road as the exits to NYC were closed. From that point I could see the smoking towers. As I sat there in the car I saw the first tower to come down collapse. I was horrified. The traffic moved on a bit and I could still see the standing tower. Then it collapsed. I felt sick. About an hour later I got off the turnpike and headed up to central NY to cross the Hudson and into CT. When I checked into my motel room I watched the news on TV. I was one mad Marine. I called the Pentagon to see if my retirement could be rescinded. I just wanted to kill the killers wherever they lived.

    I was given the info to start the process. I applied and was turned down. I understood and accepted that because the need was for young war fighters not old salts who were burned out from prior combat. I have regretted that since that day. I would,have loved to go to Afghanistan to kick ass. No such luck.

    There are three days a year I hold sacred. First is Memeorial Day for obvious reasons. Second is Veterans Day because it is the only holiday I ever earned. Third is 9-11 because i5 was my only civilian horror that was like that of war. During my tours in Nam I enever experienced over huge numbers of opeople dying in a single engagement. The sheer scale of the 9-11 terror attack haunts me. I do not pray routinely. But I do pray for the 9-11 victims to this day.
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    At a Catholic Church in Brooklyn, New York.

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    I was sitting on my computer playing a game when a friend of mine called me and told me to turn on the TV immediately. I saw the replay of #1 plane hitting the twin towers and suddenly I saw the second plane hit on live TV. I was totally stunned! I thought to myself: what the hell is happening?. I saw a man jump from one of the top floors to avoid being burned to death and that memory will stick with me forever. No time in history was that drastic and dramatic and for about an hour I couldn't gather my thoughts because I was in total shock. It's funny how people have seem to have forgotten how bad a scene that was and all the people who died. For a few weeks we all flew our flags but now, it seems that no one seems to care. How can we be that naive? How can we so quickly forget? And how many people today don't give a damn on what happened? I don't have any answers, I guess you just have to see it to believe it. I bet the New Yorkers have forgotten about it.