selling a Ruger the best place to start .

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    I am going to sell a Ruger or two in the next month or so . I don,t like auction sites and really looking for a For Sale site . Also the Ruger I am thinking of selling it very low production number gun .

    The Ruger for sale is a Super Blackhawk(44 Mag) made for the RCA (Ruger Collectors Ass ) It is RCA number 8 has a 4.5/8 barrel and unfired . It has a trigger job and hard Chrome Finish . The Ruger was Built in the late 70,s early 80,s It has the Custom work done by Mag-Na-Port .
    The RCA had 190 made to sell to members only . This Offering is called a TOMAHAWK and has the name Tomahawk in gold on the top strap later Mag-Na-Port offered about the same thing in the PREDATOR Package . The Ruger is a good 100% and comes with the Mag-Na-Port Gun Rug . When sold by the RCA the price was close to $1,000 not sure now .
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    I have had luck on Armslist selling to individuals. There are a lot of local sales sights across the country, some by state. If you sell to a dealer, they will often shoot for 1/2 value. Some are more generous than that, but not by much. You will usually get a better price out of an individual buyer.

    Other than that buying and selling practices vary by locality. I'm not aware of any federal restriction that prohibits a private sale to an individual. If it concerns you, go to an FFL and have the sale recorded. They usually charge about 20 dollars.
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    Thank you... Good information to know. I have no intention of selling any Rugers' but I may cleanse some of the off breeds.
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    I will only sell guns face to face and in cash so I uses either Armslist or my local LGS on consignment. I have sold using both. I always get a legal to purchase bill of sale form filled out for any sale. You can download the form from the internet. Buyer refuses to fill out and sign form then they don't get the gun.
    If the latest bill HR8 which just passed the house becomes law then expect your selling any gun to be only by doing a federal background check. The way I read it, it sounds like individuals will not be able to sell or transfer ownership of any gun without going through an FFL to perform the BG check.
    Shall not infringe means practically nothing it seems.
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    I've sold at gun shows. Also talked with my favorite gun shop, about selling / consignment. They were happy to.
    Just a couple ideas if the online doesn't work
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    Big fan of Armslist, buy, sell or trade.
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    if you will take photos at an angle somewhat, it will not reflect back into the lens