Scratching the itch, my Ruger story.

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    Many moons ago, I lusted over a couple of Ruger pistols. The MKII and the Single Six Convertible. They were not in the budget. My handguns were the H&R Western style​ 649 and a RG 22 short revolver that sufficed for a tackle box gun. A Savage 110E in 30-06 and a bolt action 20 gauge of long forgotten make finished out my sporting arms.

    Along the way I picked up a few surplus rifles out of the bargain barrel at the department store. Bubba'ed them up using parts from PawPaw's gunsmithing shop. The only really nice firearms I owned were an Ithaca M37 and a S&W M28. Unfortunately those did not survive the divorce. Loved the T/C Contender and Contender Carbine, but those were not really mine. Belonged to Pete, a good friend who let me borrow them long term.

    Finally was able to scrounge up the cash to buy a Ruger MKII. Finally had me a Ruger. Loved it, still do today. It was going to be over 30 years before I ones a second Ruger. Along the way I discovered Handi Rifles, Heritage, and Taurus. Not a T/C or a S&W, but they were affordable. Over the years I ended up with a few.

    About 3 or 4 years ago i bought my second Ruger, a Charger. Then a stainless Single Six Convertible. These were so much better than the Heritage and Tauri. The gun shop near here sells on consignment. I found I was able to sell the older guns I had and come close to getting back what I paid for them. (I did not figure in inflation :)) I found out I could sell some medocre guns and buy Rugers. The ratio was about 2 1/2 to 1.

    This led to a lot more room in the safe, but the room I used was taken up by a much better quality product. The LCRx and LCRX-3 in 38 special. I will have the LCRx in 22 long rifle as well as soon as I can find one. The RAP and RAPc in 9mm as well as the LCPII. Stainless Bearcat. Stainless Super Blackhawk. Lately a stainless GP100 ( there is another Taurus and a SCCY that should finish paying for that one). I need the SR1911, but I'm down to a RIA GI 1911 and a Bersa Thunder 380. Afraid they just aren't going to be enough. I did spend some of the funds on non Rugers. I got a NAA Mini in 22 Magnum/ 22 LR and a couple of Kahr's. I want a Bond Arms Snakeslayer IV also. Maybe some of the ifle money will come this way.

    Next will be the Rifles. Ive already bought a 10/22 carbine, this to turn into a target rifle. I like the American Ranch Rifle in 300 Blackout. It will be a good trade for my AAC branded 300 Blackout Handi Rifle. They are worth about the same too, should be about an even trade. I like my 223 Handi and 280 Handi better than anything in the Ruger line though. I really like the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, but I already have a "poor man's scout rifle" the Spanish FR8. Don't know if I could bring myself to trade it. My 30/30 and 45/70 Handi Rifles are on the keep list also , although I could probably be coerced into trading the 45/70 since Ruger has the scout rifle and #1 chambered for 450 Bushmaster now.

    I still have about a dozen Handi rifles to sell. Actually I will part them out. They are worth quite a bit more that way. I am looking kind of skewered at the Ruger Precision Rifle. I like it, but I like the Savage BA10 Stealth just a little better. Also thinking hard about a Henry in 44 Magnum to match up with the SBH. Looks like I may veer a little off concerning the Ruger rifles
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    The only temporary cure to an itch is not having money in your pockets.

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    Muy bueno greg!!!!! Your turning into a Rugaholic. I did away with all my plastic Taurus guns. Still have the revolvers. Only have the Taurus 1911 and a very old PT99. They are metal and Ihave had no problems with them. Wish I could say the same thing for the plastic ones.
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    I really never had any problems with my Taurus. Wore out a Millennium 45acp and could not get parts, they wanted me to send it it. For a spring! really! :mad: then a M94 22 revolver that shot well, but it was so tight that it would not go through 100 rounds without cleaning. Then the class action. I had 4 that were involved. That did it for me and Taurus.