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Discussion in 'Ruger 10/22' started by silveradoman59, Jul 12, 2013.

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    Hey , pretty new to the forum but I have been lurking and checking the threads. I bought my son a digital camo 10/22 for Christmas in 2012. He fell in love with it. I have the standard wood stock. The other day I scoped it with a Center Point 3-9x40 that I have had for awhile. Earlier bought a .30-06 combo and the scope wasn't made for the recoil. Have to send it back to Bushnell for repairs and will mount it on mine on it's return. All that's left is bore sighting and zeroing, and I think he'll be in heaven. So glad I was an armorer in the military. Had a niece and her family home on vaca from WA.
    Neither her husband or son had ever fired a gun, they both fell in love with my sons 10/22. I think their plan is for each to buy a new one at home. Always love it when we get a new convert.:metal2:
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    Good little rifles. I cut down to just 2 of them cause I had too many .22s. They both are scoped with 4X Simmons and have Butleer Creek folders on them. They are the 2 guns that get used the most when any of the relatives come over and want to shoot.

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    We like new folks and I too love when I can effect a change of thought on use of guns either conversion to the right of bearing arms and/or the proper handling of weapons.
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    Glad to see you posting, and glad to see your promoting guns to others,
    The 10-22 is a great one.
    Second only to ARs ,I believe its the most "after market accessorized" gun made.:)

    That make them a lot of fun .