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    I saw my first open carrying person since the open carry became law in January.
    Guy standing before me asked the clerk what the store policy was on open carry and she said they don't have any policy against it. The guy said he didn't think the man was carrying legally. The man was young maybe in his early 20's and I thought that was no reason to think he wasn't legally carrying. The guy said he himself had an LTC permit and again he said he didn't think the guy was legally carrying.
    As the clerk was getting pricing on the fence I wanted I got talking to the young man about what was he carrying. He said it was a very old Taurus pt99 which is same as PT92 except it has adjustable rear sights. The man did have his LTC and worked for some security firm. Evidently the clerk had seen him in the store before.
    It was raining outside so he and I stood under the overhang talking. I said something about point shooting and he knew all about it and was trained that from the beginning by all his family that are either LEO or military. He said he had been in the army and now worked security of some kind. He then told me how some friend asked if he could hit the "A" in a word on a sign that was 125 yards away. He said he asked how did he want him to shoot it. A circle around it or within the opening of the "A". The guy said in the "A". So he said he used the Taurus he was no carrying and put all 14 rounds into the "A".
    I said I would have to see that to believe it. I mean all 14 shots into a maybe under 3" area is a bit stretching it IMO. He said he had the paper he shot. LMAO The sign had a piece of paper over the "A"? Tell me this isn't a story. I said well I can shoot a bunch and draw a circle around it also. LOL He then said he had the video to prove he did it. The employee was ready to load my fence so that was the end of the fairy tale, I mean story.
    I come to the conclusion the young man wears open carry to draw attention to himself. Anyway it was a good story time today with my first time seeing open carry. He was in Tractor Supply and all he bought was a bottle of Coke. Who knows maybe he wasn't a story teller and could do what he said at 125 yards.
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    I have yet to see it myself. My wife saw it at Walmart though. He was sporting a rifle, she didn't know what kind though. My guess is it was an AR.

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    Are you yanking again or is this a true story. I would imagine a pistol would shoot that far but like you say, you circle the holes after you are done shooting, which I believe. I don't doubt you could hit a man a 125 yards, but precision shooting like that make me think he is streeeeeeeeching the truth. Even in a supported position, it would take an act of God to hold a 3" circle at that range. Now if he stated he was using a rifle, that I would believe as I have seen some good shooters put 3 rounds inside of a silver dollar at that range. Not to be bragging but years ago I could put 5 rounds inside of a 3 inch circle @125 yards, but that was a long time ago. I don't doubt Jerry or Kevin could do it now let alone a few others on this site.

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    That really happened and like I told him I would have to see it to believe it. That's when he said he had the paper target and video oh him doing it. LOL so the sign had a piece of paper over the "A" huh? All 15 rounds with a Taurus 99 no less. Now my Taurus 92, which is just like his 99 except mine doesn't have adjustable sights, is very accurate but shooting the gun 14 rounds all hitting dead center of the "A" from 125 yards I think he stretched the distance a whole lot.
    I think he should have been wearing boots walking in all that BS. LOL
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    ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1492130802.138321.jpg
    Here's four shots at 100 yards with my .30/06. I couldn't even get close with a handgun at that distance!
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    Savage I'd take that group any day of the week!
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    Yall boys need to visit Kentucky,

    These folks around here take carrying their guns serious.

    OC is common.


  8. Oldhand

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    I see it at least once a week here in Tucson, but people expect that from Arizona.:D
  9. MagBlackhawk

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    It should be like that everywhere.
    Maybe someday we'll catch up :dunno:
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    I see it every so often up here. Most people go concealed though since we have constitutional carry- don't need a permit.
  11. Donn

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    I've encountered a dozen or so OC advocates here in Michigan. Seems like the one thing they all had in common was an attitude, daring anyone, including law enforcement, to challenge their right.