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The latest high school shooting occurred in Sante Fe,TX which is near Galveston. Supposedly 10 were shot and killed. Also reported about 10 were injured by gun fire. A cop was reported shot in his arm and almost didn't make it from blood loss but is doing okay now after hospital operations.
Strange within a very short time there supposedly were many reports on forums from people saying they were there where it went down. HMMM while kids were still in lock down these reports hit the forums.

The student shooter 17 years old supposedly was wearing like a trench coat into the school and has been wearing that often before this. Gee at low 90's temperature wouldn't he have drawn the attention from someone?

Supposedly the shooter used a shotgun and a .38 revolver which supposedly belonged to his dad. Pipe bombs were found inside the school and in a home near the school. Supposedly the kid planned on committing suicide but was apprehended before he got the chance to. I imagine he was apprehended before he could reload to kill himself. I am guessing the shotgun held at most maybe 5 rounds and the revolver maybe 5 or 6 rounds. He had to be reloading and would think he at that time could have been rushed and taken down. Reloading a shotgun or revolver takes more time than many other type guns take to reload.

It was also reported the kid had reported he had been bullied lately in school. HMMM This kid was on the reserves football team and was no small whimpy looking kid so the bullying story doesn't make sense.

I read that the FBI had supposedly met this kid perhaps 2 years ago.

As usual it will be interesting to see how the story line changes day to day.

I think it is about time teachers were armed or at least there are armed officers in ever school. But no, God forbid we arm teachers to stop these killings. No let's make more gun laws which don't stop these killings. The kid was 17 years old and was not legally allowed to be in possession of a gun. So much for laws saying a kid can't own or buy a gun. How about students have to go through metal detectors or if they happen to be wearing a trench coat they might be checked for having a gun. How about locking down the entrances at first bell? But oh no that might save a life.

How many more school shootings will it take before parents realize their kids are not safe in a gun free zone? When will they realize No sign can enforce any safety or a law?

People are not this stupid so there has got to be a reason nobody is using any intelligence or taking actions to keep schools and students safe. But that is rated right up their with a conspiracy theory so forget that reality. Yep just keep on letting children die due to inaction of school supervision and useless laws made by government.
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