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    I will start off by apologizing cause i am sure these questions area dime a dozen. I recently purchased a
    4 3/4 in barrel .357 mag vaquero. In my recent range trip the accuracy at 10 yards was all over the place. I started with .38 specials and the spread was anywhere in a foot radius. I put another 6 and it was in a tight group about 5 inches low and to the right. On my third go it was a five inch group but my 5th shot hit the head of the target and the 6th shot hit the bottom 8 and i was holding dead center so that is a drastic gap. I then turned to the .357 and my first 4 didnt touch paper after that it was about the same as the .38s, either it went crazy or it was in a group whose placement didnt make sense. No i am by no means a single action pro but with my buddies single six i am scary accurate and i am by no means a softy to .357 as i own a little .357 snub. To try and see if it was shooter error i pulled out my glock and had all 17 rounds into the center ring so you can imagine my confusion. The ammo for both the .357 and .38 was cheap atlanta arms reloads from the range and i know there are many complaints about them. The 9mm was tulammo. I have not tried other ammunition or had more than one outing with it yet but i was wonder if i could get some input. maybe i can chalk it up to the ammo or maybe its something more. Thank you in advance.
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    Congrats on the Vaquero....It takes me forever to learn a new wheel gun. I got a new SP101 357 and it took me several times at the range to learn the site picture on the gun.....Its also the same with my 44 mag...I cant hit anything with that gun yet....It may take a few times to get it down....Try another brand of ammo and a different day and see what happens.....good luck ....:duck:

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    My Vaqueros are more accurate than I am.
    I like to have a friend shoot my firearms to see what they think
    and see how well or how bad the gun shoots.
    Years ago a friend bought a lever action in a pistol cartridge, don't remember what.
    We went to the Insight Range to do some shooting,
    He had a hard time keeping the holes in the target.
    I tried the gun and had the holes in the black.
    I was familiar with lever guns.
    He wasn't experienced with Long Guns.

    Maybe the gun,
    maybe you just have to get used to it.
    Good Luck.
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    I was very pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of my new vaquero. It's not quite what my CZ 75 is but is accurate and a blast to take to the range.

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    Welcome to the RugerTalk Forum gsmallftroop !!

    I also own a Ruger Vaquero chambered in .357magnum...and accuracy has been exceptionable with

    both .38special and .357magnum. I would first see if another shooter has the same problem with the same ammo

    in your gun then move on to trying different ammo in your firearm until you find one that hits POA/POI.

  6. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the RugerTalk Forum windlestick !!
  7. trainman

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    I agree with shadecorp. My two .45lc Vaqueros are way more accurate than I am. I eventually am able to shoot them very well though. My favorite guns. I took up reloading so I could shoot them more.
  8. Win94ae

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    A friend of mine bought one and I shot it. What I found was that the glare from the chrome made it awfully hard to align the sights. After a while I got the hang of it.