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Strum, Ruger has gone the extra mile so to speak and coughed up an entire new line of bolt-action precision long range-rifles in 308 Win. 6.5 Creedmoor, and .243 Win.

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Past Ruger offerings

Although Ruger started off as a company that specialized in handguns, they entered the rifle game in with their 10/22 rimfire semi-auto in 1964, followed by the bolt-action M77 in 1968 and brought in the semi-auto centerfire classic Mini-14 in 1973. However, the 10/22, in its earliest versions are plinkers and the Mini-14 was lambasted for years for its SKS-ish marksmanship abilities, which prompted a redesign, Ruger came up short in precision target shooting for a while.

The M77 made up for that to a degree as did target heavy barrel versions of the Mini and 10/22 and finally the M77 Mark II Target, things still could use a little extra, which brings us to the...

Ruger Precision Rifle

"Whether shooting tight groups at 100 yards, or reaching out to steel plates at 1,000 yards or beyond, shooting the Ruger Precision Rifle is a highly satisfying experience," said Mike Fifer, Ruger CEO in a statement obtained by Ruger Talk. "The engineering applied to the action of the Ruger American Rifle brings world-class performance to Ruger long-range marksmanship."

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The RPR is an all-new, in-line recoil path, bolt-action rifle that provides maximum accuracy by simplifying recoil. This eliminates the need for traditional bedding or chassis systems while keeping the rifle's weight down (because who wants to shoot a 25 pound bench rest gun).

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The rifle is modular, which means that a gunsmith can replace the barrels easily with an AR barrel wrench while the MSR stock folds and accepts any AR/M16/M4 style stock on s standard buffer tube. Inside the action is an adjustable trigger that can be set from anything from 2.25-5 pounds trigger pull. An over-sized bolt handle and revolutionary magwell that will accept multiple style AR10 magazines made for the M110, SR25, DPMS and Magpul-style magazines as well as AICS and some M-14 magazines.

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The upper uses a one-piece bolt of 4140 chrome-moly and a Samson Evolution keymod handguard shrouding a cold hammer forged barrel with a threaded muzzle crown over a 20 MOA Picatinny rail for your optics.

Barrel length evolves with caliber, with .308s starting at 20-inches, 6.5mm clocking in at 24-inches, and .243 at a nice 26-inches. Best yet, the heaviest of these rifles only weighs 11-pounds, which is a bit heavy when compared to your average deer gun, but these are not average deer guns.

In short, it's hard to list all of the features on this new rifle.

Jeff Quinn over at GunBlast seems to really dig it

MSRP is $1399, which is likely to be a good bit less from your dealer.

More information including manuals and exploded views are on Ruger's website dedicated to these new rifles.
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