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If you're a fan of long-barreled revolvers like I am, then you'll come to appreciate the fine craftsmanship and power of the Ruger Super Redhawk. This double-action gun comes in .480, .454/.45 and .44 calibers, and the Super Redhawk Alaskan, a snub-nose revolver of the same model, also comes in .44, .480 and .454/.45.

For the standard piece, the overall length of the gun is 13 inches, with a barrel length of 7.5 inches, but the .44 Magnum can also come with a 9.5 inch barrel, and a 15 inch total length. It comes in a satin-stainless steel low-glare finish.

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9.50" Barreled Redhawk

It is very similar to the standard Redhawk, but there is the addition of a Hogue Tamer Monogrip, designed to reduce recoil shock, and the inclusion of a hammer-forged barrel for accurate rifling. This six-shooter is a hunting revolver through and through, an improvement over the GP-100 .357, with a stronger frame and enhanced scoping. Ruger used the GP-100 magnum as a model, retaining the grip and triggering system, but also adding a longer barrel and integrated scope mounts. And you'll get scope rings free of charge.

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From Pro Guns.

It has an average weight of over 3 pounds, weighing 3.3125 when unloaded, and 3.625 pounds when loaded. A standard transfer bar safety mechanism is in place to prevent accidental discharges if the uncocked hammer is unintentionally jarred.

For those not comfortable with the weight behind the trigger pull, a spring kit replacement will make the trigger and hammer more manageable, but a heavier pull is an additional safety feature. The heaviness of the gun itself is meant to reduce kickback when firing the powerful .44 magnum loads, and it is also good for maintaining accuracy. Check out the gun in action:
This sucker can be described as a one-handed rifle, able to stack up against big game, and the addition of a scope will certainly add to its rifling capabilities. You'll get an adjustable rear sight and replaceable front sight ramp. Another spec includes a triple locking cylinder, meaning it will lock in the front, rear and bottom, so it doesn't move when the round is discharged, which is great for proper alignment.


The dual chambering allows the .44 Magnum to accept the .44 Special as well, and the dual-chambered .454 Casull chamber will take .45 Colt rounds. You'll get less recoil in comparison to the .44 mag, and the specials are more suited for rapid fire defense. If you opt for the .454 Casull, the .45 rounds are less powerful, with a smaller muzzle blast, and it will reduce wear and tear on the gun. It will come with less recoil, when compared to the power behind the .454 rounds.

The Verdict

Overall, this is a great gun with quality accuracy, despite the kick when firing. Those who aren't concerned with the scoping system may want to stick with the classic version if they already have it. Be aware of firing heavier rounds if you have wrist-related complications, but because of its dual-chambering, you get the option of shooting lighter rounds with less kick.

Pictures of Red 7.50" and 9.50" barrels from Ruger.
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