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The CEO of Ruger dubbed the Alaskan an outdoorsman revolver for hunting big game, and this would be an accurate description. In another article, I highlighted the Super Redhawk revolver, and there is no real difference between the standard piece and the Alaskan version. You'll get the same caliber choices of .44 or .454 Casull, and the same specs. For a snub-nosed piece, it is a frame heavy and thick in composition, but this is a gun if you like the Super Redhawk, but not be so keen on the bulkiness.

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.454 Casull

It has a 2.50 inch barrel length, with 7.62 inches in overall length, weighing 44 ounces. You'll get the famous Hogue Tamer grip, and finger grooves that will help in absorbing the recoil bite. It comes with six rounds in the chamber for the .454 and .44 rounds. It has a roughly 10 pound trigger pull in double action, but a lighter 5 pounds when in single action.

The Kick

Now when it comes to the issue of firing such heavy rounds from a shortened piece, it will be a problem for some. This is not a piece for those scared of recoil, especially when it comes to .44 and .454 Casull rounds.
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.44 Magnum

However, if you keep a firm grip while keeping your weight forward, the kick will be less of a burden. With the standard .454 and .44 Super Redhawk versions, the heavier frame kept the piece weighty for better firing, but you'll get less of that with the snub-nose piece. But the Alaskan also comes with a long grip for balance and comfort.

For instance, some find it difficult firing a .454 Casull round from a standard Super Redhawk, and you'll most likely come across greater recoil problems when firing from the Alaskan. With that being said, you can still turn this gun into a decent self-defense piece by using the lighter .45 Colt rounds, since the Alaskan is also dual-chambered, and the Alaskan can also make a good conceal-carry with the .45s. However, it is not designed to be a pocket-pistol, but it will also make a handy gun around the house for self-defense, and it will also make a good jacket or side-holster firearm.

Big Weapon in a Small Package

If you are looking for a quick firing self-defense weapon, you may want to look elsewhere, but it is not only an good trail-gun that will prove to be a nice backup piece with your hunting rifle, but it is powerful to be that primary weapon on the hunt. Overall, it is a strong gun for going on the hunt, and you it makes for an effective self-defense weapon when necessary.

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