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Like the Red Superhawk, the Hunter series is designed for big game hunting. It comes with integral scope mounts and rings, with adjustable and front ramp sight to contend with elevation and wind. The trigger pull on the Hunter weighs in at around six pounds. This piece falls under the New Model Super Blackhawk within the Hunter series. The New Model Hunter Blackhawk is essentially modeled after the standard piece, but better suited for rifling. With the Ruger Hunters, you'll also get the Bisley Hunter and a Hunter of the same .44 model, only with light .22 rounds. The .44 version was a gun designed to fulfill the need of adding hunting capabilities to the Blackhawk line. Blackhawk owners had trouble mounting scopes on their barrels, which is why Ruger borrowed from the Super Redhawk by becoming more mounting friendly. But even without mounting scopes, it is still a good rifling revolver, with the addition of deep ribs on the barrel.

Notable Features

The ribbed design that runs along the barrel is not only meant to reduce glare. Other unique features includes the rounded trigger guard, a departure from the standard dragoon style from other Super Blackhawks, and the wider hammer spur that is more aptly suited for the thumb.

If you like classic single action revolvers patterned after the old Colt Actions, this is a piece to consider. The reason they call it the New Model series is because of the transfer bar mechanism, which blocks the hammer from hitting the firing pin, preventing accidental discharges if the gun is dropped.

If power is what you're looking for, you can't go wrong with this one, but it also has dual-purpose chambering to accept lighter .44 specials. With the specials, you'll get less kick when firing, which also makes this a versatile gun for self-defense as evident in this video.
But it is also one of the more beautiful pieces, with a western style Black laminate wood grips. If you're not fond of the grips, there are a variety of other wood gripping styles that that will suit your hand and personality. The length of the overall barrel is 7.50 inches. The total length of the gun is 13.38 inches, weighing 3.25 pounds, and the weight itself is enough to keep reduce recoil and maintain accuracy.

Minor Drawbacks

For now at least, the Hunter Blackhawk only accepts .44 rounds, with no chambering for the .480 or .357 rounds, but there's always hope for the future. And there is only one barrel length in the Hunter Blackhawk, a deviation from the Super Redhawk, which also comes in a 9.50 inch barrel, but you can get barrel variation from the standard Super Blackhawk.

Overall, it is a solid revolver with top-notch gripping that will handle heavy .44s and the lighter .44 specials. If you're not concerned with the scoping, the standard New Model Blackhawk will do just fine, and you can get your choice of a fluted or unfluted cylinder. With the Hunter, you get only the unfluted cylinder. Because it is a Hunter series, you don't get many options for other caliber bullets, or choice of barrel length, but it is a good gun to have if you want to take a classic-style revolver on the hunt.

If you're not as concerned with the look of the gun, while wanting a more versatile hunting revolver, you're better off going with the Super Redhawk, if you want more choice. You would also get mounting bases and rings, you'll get more caliber choices (.480, .45, .44, etc.), and you can get longer or shorter barrel lengths. And the Super Redhawk comes in double-action.

However, the Colt-based Hunter Blackhawk is another good piece to add to your hunting collection.

Above photo from /"">Ruger.
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