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For those who may not be familiar wit it: The Ruger SR series rifles are their piston version of the AR. The Varmint/Target, or VT version uses the same gas piston, and actuator rod components as the standard carbine version, with theM4 style stock, and 16-inch barrel, except the VT has a 20-inch barrel, and an A2 rifle stock and buffer tube.

Mine is accurate, and functions well, as it came from the factory. However, I don't particularly like the A2 stock. I have a Ruger Precision Rifle, and really like the stock on it. I had a chance to pick up a Precision stock for $100, and snapped it up to install on the SR556VT. Not a hard task, on legomatic but I have to convert from the rifle buffer system and install an M4 carbine style buffer system.

The VT comes from the factory with a rifle style, 5-ounce buffer, which is just a tad below the mil spec standard weight for a rifle buffer of 5.2-ounces, and the rifles has functioned flawlessly with this system.

The gas port on all the Ruger SR series rifles is at 12-inches. The carbine length guns thus have 4-inches of dwell, while the VT version has 8-inches of dwell. So the gas has twice as long to act on the bolt carrier and buffer system. Which seems to me to indicate a heavier buffer weight should be used than the milspec M4 buffer used on a standard SR556VT, with the 16-inch carbine length barrel.

My first thought was to use a standard carbine buffer, but as I thought about it, due to the doubled dwell time, using one close to the the 5-ounce weight of the stock buffer makes more sense. The actual weight of the buffers varies slightly by manufacturer, with the H2 weighing roughly 4.6-ounces, and the H3 weighing roughly 5.4-ounces. So the original buffer at 5-ounces falls almost exactly in between.

From what I've read, the consensus seems to be that I should start on the lighter side. So I will probably go with the H2.

Anybody got a different idea, that they can explain?

Thanks, jigs
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