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I'm trying to find better answers for the recent Ruger SR22 Product Safety Bulletin.

They posted a video, in which these statements were actually said by the company representative:

"... the pistol could actually fire when decocking and engaging the safety."

They seem to dismiss this VERY dangerous defect with this reminder:

"...always keep any firearm pointed in a safe direction, including while decocking."

Sure, that's one of the basics. BUT!!! There's a WORLD of difference between pointing in a safe direction as a matter of habit, and engaging the safety when you DON'T KNOW if the gun is going to FIRE or not!!! Just because you have it pointed "safely" does NOT mean you are willing to accept any risk that the gun WILL fire!

Here's the problem: If you don't KNOW whether or not the gun will fire, then you MUST ASSUME that it WILL FIRE. This REMOVES the function as a "decocking" mechanism, as you must ALWAYS assume that the gun WILL fire. That's called a "trigger," not a "decocker."

This is NOT an acceptable situation, and I am not at all satisfied with their current policy on this defect.

They are quite literally saying, "Don't worry, you don't have a problem UNTIL your gun experiences an UNINTENTIONAL DISCHARGE."

How do we apply pressure on Ruger to take the required steps to assure ALL owners that their SR22s are safe NOW and WILL BE safe in the future!?!?

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