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Photo from Ruger

You'll definitely feel like Scarface with this piece.

There are a variety of cheaper assault rifles you can get out there, but if you're looking for quality, and a rifle with a unique design, then you can't go wrong with the Ruger SR-762. When it comes to the AR market, Ruger wanted to get in the game by starting out with the SR-556 in .223 Rem/5.56 NATO caliber, which was a breakout gas-piston piece for the arms company. The SR-762 is no different, using the same piston system, but it is a more powerful weapon. This is an all-purpose weapon that is excellent as a combat piece, hunting rifle or range shooter.

One noticeable feature is the gas block system, a method that pushes the gas the piston, which is connected to a pusher rod over the barrel that cycles the bolt. The rod comes in contact with the bolt carrier, but the gas never reaches the bolt assembly, keeping it clean and cooler upon prolonged fire. In standard AR type weapons, the gases get into the action, which causes the mechanics to get dirty, and it will affect reliability over time. But this isn't the case with the 762. Check out the short video below:
It also has a 0-3 setting that allows the user to control how much gas seeps from the barrel to cycle the bolt.

Gas Settings

This is a setting you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, and it can come in handy if using different ammunition types. For example, the 0 setting allows no gas whatsoever, allowing the gun to work well as a one-shot piece (with no action noise) that will not eject the shell. For setting 1 and 2, these are low to medium ranges that will allow your gun to break in many different ammo types. The type 3 setting allows all ammo, but you'll get a harder kick, and there is the risk of wear and tear on the gun when using military ammo, for instance. It is a good gun for heavy hitters, but the gas adjustment can create more manageable recoil, which is great for shooters not keen on kickback, and it is good piece first time shooters.


This is a light rifle, being 8.60 lbs. in overall weight. It is not only easy to manage, but its adjustable stock is another great feature, which is in the standard M4 style. The gun also comes with a case deflector, so as not to hit the shooter, and there is a dust cover over the ejection port. Its overall length ranges from 34.75 inches to 38 inches in length, and the barrel is 16.12 inches with a width of 2.50" and the height is 8 inches. The stock is not only collapsible, but the iron sights are as well. There is an adjustable and front sight for windage and elevation.

This gun takes in the heavy 7.62 NATO/.308 Win ammo, and capacity you'll get is 20. You'll also get 3 magazines with your purchase of this weapon. Ruger upgraded the 762 to accommodate larger cartridges, but did so without making the weapon bulky, and the piece balances very well. You'll get a chrome barrel that's fluted, which reduces weight, and keeps the weapon cool when firing. It comes with the standard Hogue grip for extra comfort, and it also has a muzzle flash suppressor.

Along the barrel, you'll also get a handguard, picatinny rail that will accommodate accessories like a vertical grip, lasers, etc., and you'll get more rails (and rail covers) in the packaging that can fit on either the side or the bottom.

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Image from Strike Hold

It also has a picatinny rail at the top for adding more sight features. The trigger pull is 8.5 pounds, a bit heavy but any AR type trigger pattern can change this.

The official Ruger stamp is $2195, but you can find this gun for cheaper from other places, or individual sellers. Overall, this is a good investment gun, if you're not just looking for any cheap rifle on the market.
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